Sunday, November 20, 2022

It's Birthday Quilt Time!

Time sure flies when we have Grand kiddos doesn't it!
Our oldest grand guy continues to request a birthday quilt each year. This year he actually picked out all the fabrics for this one. These are in honor of the fact that we've watched every dolphin movie made for kids and have made a pinky shake that someday we are going to swim with the dolphins to celebrate our birthdays!

I found the perfect dolphin pantograph.

His choice to use a minky backing that looks like "water" makes this one an especially cozy lap quilt. 
Happy Happy NINTH Birthday buddy!
With hugs and smiles,


  1. Always happy to see a post from you!! Love the dolphin quilt!! Happy birthday to your grandson, I can’t believe that he’s 9.

  2. What a great smile, perfect quilting on a fun dolphin quilt! Great to see a post from you, I was just thinking about you over the weekend!

  3. What a happy boy! And I love the dolphin quilting on the minky-I'd love a quilt with just that!

  4. One day when you make that pinky shake come true . . . we want to see photos :)
    Wonderful quilt and the way you quilted it was perfected.

  5. Very nice, Val. He looks like he is happy to receive it.


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