Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Tuesday Archives #125: Hoops (use of)

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This week's theme is: Hoops (use of)

Our Finnish friend Teje always has the most wonderful projects, thus her blog was admittedly, the first one I went to this week to find a great highlight for the use of hoops. In today's highlight, Teje offers us a tutorial on using a hoop to create a cute Decorative Wall Hanging.  Hmmm...this might be the exact wall accent I need as I redecorate one of our extra bedrooms. Thanks for the inspiration Teje.
Embroidery Hoop Decoration


  1. While you cannot see the embroidery hoop on my thread catcher, it's there at the top rim.

  2. I haven't used hoops for project framing in a long time - need to revisit.

  3. Thank you so much Val! This happens to be in my sewing room and often when I see it I think I should make some new once. They are so fun to make small decorative items. x Teje

  4. I like using hoops for wall art, and linked up my months-in-the-making finish. I use little ones for Christmas ornaments too.

  5. I'm completely hoopless. HAHAHA
    I couldn't resist. ;)

  6. Never thought my hoop project would ever be a topic, sorry I missed the deadline. Can't wait to see what you do and I love the one you shared by Teje.


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