Friday, December 9, 2016

Annnnddd...The Snow Continues!

I can not remember the last time it continued to snow for over 24 hours!
Yet, THAT is exactly what's been going on in my little spot of the world.
Never the less, our school district does not call snow days easily.
So the JOY continues....
The snowflakes were so big this moring they actually distracted us from our lessons.

Nothing like getting cabin fever with 30 seven year olds!!

Luckily recess is never skipped!
Thank you for your kind comments on my Wednesday post when this snowstorm of ours began.
As you can predict, I've had little personal time, let alone sewing time this week and man, I seriously thought I was going to having a snow/sew day though!!! Darn it! Truly: TGIF!!! 

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Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Joyful First Snow!

Nothing more joyful for me than spending the first snow of the year with kids!
It was so cozy spending the day in our classroom watching the snow fall outside.  

The kids of course, anxiously waiting in anticipation of the recess that was soon to come:

And yes, that is an Elf of the Shelf you may have spied in the first picture.
Meet "Elvin"":
He's a mysterious little elf for sure, with a great sense of humor.
He certainly fills our classroom with the magic and joy of the holiday season!
Thinking of you too, hoping your holiday season is filled with a great bundle of: 
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This week's theme: MITTENS
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Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Tuesday Archives #140: Mittens

Welcome to the linky party that rejuvenates your old quilting/sewing posts! 
Please click here to read more about this linky party.  
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This week's theme is: MITTENS 

I had to dig into my own archives this week to find a picture of my very favorite mitten/hat sets my mom knitted me six years ago! The mittens are long enough to cover my fingers if needed by perfect for winter walks and little bits of yard work that needs to get done. I love them!

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Monday, December 5, 2016

WIP: Five and Dime Quilt

 I'm stash busting...and found this quick pattern to help me do just that!
Take a layer cake (the dime: 10") and a charm pack (the nickel: 5")
Center the 5" charm square on top of a 10" square; pin in place. 
Stitch about 1/8"from raw edges of the charm squares.
Pattern from Kansas Troubles Quilters; A Moda Precut Pattern
Next, cut the layered 10" block into fourths to make (4) 5" square segments. 
Mix up the squares and sew back together. 

No need to worry about matching the's scrappy!!!

This week will find me sewing this into a flimsy and deciding on the border.
What do ya think? A solid stop border with those cute 2" squares??
Thanks for stopping I'm still thinking about what to do.
Image result for winnie the pooh thinking gif
Tomorrow's theme is: MITTENS
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Thursday, December 1, 2016

Dec.OMG-Christmas Fat Quarter Quilt

"Roar".... as my grandson's dinosaur (my current pencil holder) would say....but look:
I bought this polka-dotted bundle of Christmas fat quarters probably two years ago and ya know what, this month I'm going to dust them off and get them made into a quilt! 
Hey, it might just be a quick and easy pinwheel quilt...but they'll finally be a quilt.
Goal setting and linking up with everyone at the Dec. OMG. 
Welcome December!!
Our December themes have been posted on the sidebar.
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