Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Tuesday Archives #145: Pet Beds

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This week's theme is: PET BEDS

With this exceptionally cold winter,
Jackson has kept warm by sleeping under blankets with us...
 and cuddled up in random blankets around the house:

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Monday, January 16, 2017

A "Campy" Quilt Finish

 I always feel so honored to quilt for someone else. And I couldn't help but find myself falling in love with this adorable children's quilt Nancy, who blogs at Pug Mom Quilts, sent me.
First, what a great pattern to highlight our favorite larger print fabric.
Second, I had the perfect campy themed pantograph to help finish it with a whimsical touch.
This pantograph, though kinda hard to see in the picture, has tents, campfires, compasses, and fishing poles that perfectly accented her fabric! I had fun quilting this one. 
Thanks for letting me quilt for you Nancy.
This one will be on it's way back to you tomorrow!
Check out my Long Arm Quilting information by clicking right HERE.
I offer free return shipping and quick turn around service.

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Happy Stitching Ahead...

I finished quilting a commission quilt today and ended the day preparing these adorable blocks. My quilty friend and I have set out to create Sue Spargo's Folk-Tails wool applique quilt. Our goal is to complete a few blocks each month. This will be my new evening stitching project. 
These blocks are so stinking cute and since they are only 6 1/2" square, I think they'll be quick to complete. I'm truly looking forward to having this happy stitching to look forward to each evening. I know I'm terribly late to the linky party, but I'm off join everyone at Kathy's Sunday Stitching party to see what everyone else is creating with their hand stitching.

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Saturday, January 14, 2017

State of Emergency Declared/2017 Sat. Sampler

 Wow! That was a long post title huh! LOL! Welll...since my last post and having half of that snow/sew day turn into a snow removal day, Oregon has been declared to be in a State of Emergency.   It's like the world stood still as so many businesses closed due to snow damage. It's overwhelming to witness businesses, grocery stores, factories (Ore-Ida Plant) all close due to roofs caving in! 
Crane being used at our closed down grocery store.
After being shut in for eight days, my husband drove me around town and it leaves one speechless to see all this damage on top of witnessing the damage our neighbors are going through. As much as I would have loved to just sew my "snow days" away, honestly, half of them have been spent doing snow removal in preparation for the big melt that is sure to come. It's going to be a lonngggg winter!

FINALLY, teachers went back to school yesterday for a teacher work day. (YEAH!!) This being the first day for me to even drive in eight days, I can not tell you how strange it was to back out of my driveway in what seemed to be a tunnel of snow! This is the picture I texted to my mom:

Luckily most of our road are cleared enough to be one lane and though getting to school was a little slow with only a few "white knuckle" moments due to ice, I made it. We're hoping to have students return next Tuesday with prayers the projected snow storm next week skips us. So, with that said, my happy mail give-away will remain open until then....atleast! LOL!!

But check this out! I not only got out yesterday...but I actually changed out of my jammies TWO DAYS in a row!! OMG huh!! Yep! My quilty friend and I ventured to our first 2017 Saturday Sampler. It was so gooooood to see people again! LOL! (Don't worry, she had four wheel drive.)
Truth be told, I'm a little nervous about the tiny 1 1/2" squares and 2" flying geese in this one...arg! But I will do my best. My Quilter's Patch is going to be in a country (Kim Diehl) color way and since it finishes at 75"x 78 1/2" it will a perfect summer quilt for our master bedroom! YEAH!
Curious, if any of you participate in Saturday Samplers at nearby quilt stores? I actually got an applause today as I "show-n-telled" my Winter Wallhanging...but I'm not giving you a peek until I get the borders on tomorrow. Of which I must celebrate, I bought the fabric for those and the backing on clearance today! Woot Woo!!!! More happiness!!
Okay, my jammies are missing me! LOL! Time to get comfy and warm. Till tomorrow...

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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

My Husband is Laughing at Me!

Soooo what if with a week worth of snow days under my belt that I've become a "little" obsessed with my little puzzle and may get up at the crack of dawn to work on it! Look how cute it is:

We quilters really know the reason I'm up so early. I have a few WIP I want to get finished today....as I know these crazy snow days have to end soon and I don't want to have a bunch of WIP.
So I actually plan to spend my entire day in my basement studio:
7:30 am Snow Day #5
There's minimal shoveling left to do and today is suppose to be a "melt day" with temperatures finally reaching 34 degrees! So while it's been snowing like crazy, I have a few new WIP to wrap up:
1. My Winter Wallhanging (Almost done!)

2. RSC: Purple crayons and flowers: (so fun!)

3. A new commission quilt: (Nancy, it's so cute!)

This little peek outside will be my reminder to enjoy yet another snow day, predicting the make-up days will probably be eliminating some upcoming long holiday weekends I was going to use as sew days....it's all good. I miss my students and daily routines.
PS: I'm totally getting my classroom kids some puzzles to work on when they have transition time. 
 (Okay, okay...."maybe" I've become a little obsessed with my puzzle! LOL!)
Thank you for continuing to stop by and keep this "shut-in" company. Your comments and support make my day thus, comment to share if weather has affected your daily routine lately. The first day I actually do go back to work, I'll choose a random friend to send a little happy mail to. 
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