Wednesday, May 24, 2017

2017 Classroom Quilt: Kid's Art

This week was quilt week at school and the kids were soooo excited!
They traced selected pictures using their pencils: 
 The also used fabric markers to color. 

Now hindsight being what it is, next time I will have the kids use a black sharpie 
to outline their pictures, as the fabric markers DID smudge a little.

All in all though, I think these are going to make a fun classroom quilt.  I think it would also be an inspiring way to greet my new class in the Fall. I can hang it at the entrance of the classroom during Open House, as the quilt illustrates many of the themes we learned about in Second Grade this year.
Oh we'll definitely enroll it in the County Fair this summer! 
But for now, it looks like it's time for me to get busy sewing this one together. But as busy as life has been this month, I'm going to have be very intentional at getting it sewn into a flimsy before the kids leave for summer. (Luckily I still have two weeks to ahead of me.) As always, thanks for stopping by and  for especially cheering on our classroom projects this month. You guys are the best!

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Wednesday, May 17, 2017

2017 Classroom Quilt: Preparations

Call me crazy....but I spent yesterday after work prepping the many quilt squares needed for me and my cooperating teacher to make classroom quilts with our second graders. I'm using a cotton muslin of which I cut into SIXTY 9"inch squares and then ironed to freezer paper for stability.
As you can imagine, to prepare sixty blocks created quite the "train":
 A quick short-cut: the freezer paper is 18inches the 9"square blocks fit perfectly upon it and left minimal cutting, that was quick to accomplish. But, never the less, Jackson was beginning to look at me in wonderment of just how long this "train" was going to be!  
So with the squares now prepped and the fabric markers having arrived, I just need to finish preparing the thematic pictures for the students to trace. (This year we are creating a themed quilt based on our reading units from the year. Thus, we will be using preprinted pictures for the students to trace and color onto the fabric.) I hope if any of you want to make a quilt with little ones in your life, this series over the next couple of weeks will give you some inspiration and quick tricks.
I have to admit, if we're going to have snow make-up days through June 9th, 
this is a fun project that makes the extended year fun!
Stay tuned as next week the kids begin their creative part.

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Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Tuesday Archives #161: Tied Quilts

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This week's theme is: TIED QUILTS 

Mom, What are you doing with my blanket?

 This was one of my very first quilts. I bought it at a County Fair some twenty years ago. I loved it's scrappy look and I bought it out of inspiration as I knew someday I'd learn how to make a quilt.

It is now tattered and worn and admittably one of Jackson's kennel blankets, 
but there's just something so charming about an old fashion, tied quilt.

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Sunday, May 14, 2017

Happy Mother's Day!

This is how I plan to spend a good part of my day. It will be filled with good food,
slow stitching and a long afternoon walk...
 I will be spoiled by these two...
...and I will enjoy Facetime calls with my own mom and daughter that are long enough to wear down a phone battery, time filled with enough smiles and laughter to last me an entire week.
Hoping your day is filled with the same love and rejuvenation as mine.
This week's coming theme: Tied Quilts
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Thursday, May 11, 2017

Classroom Update...

It's been another fun filled week at school. We had our annual outdoor day of school!
The kids LOVED creating their own tye-dye shirts for our trip into the city.

Some are continuing to stitch their little fish beanbags.
 And as with an hobby......some catch on fast....
...while others are hoping their beans don't fall out!
A quick tip: Use a stapler instead of pins when working with kids.
Admittedly, my favorite is this little elephant that one of my girls called:
"An Elephant of Many Colors...ya know like Dolly Parton's coat of many colors."
Probably the cutest crayon holder I've ever seen that's for sure!
Their little stitches are just precious don't ya think?
  We've started to wrap up our stitching projects and I'm busily preparing materials for the kids to create our annual classroom quilt next week using my "Make a quilt with kids" Tutorial. 
Stay tuned....and as always, thanks so very much for stopping by.

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Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Tuesday Archives: Teaching

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This week's theme is: TEACHING 

Oh how very much we cherish retreats and classes!
BUT! Have you ever been a teacher at one?
If so, please do share your  teaching experiences with us here at Tuesday Archives.

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Sunday, May 7, 2017

Slow Stitching....

 A rainy, cold morning was the perfect excuse to start the day out sewing some binding down.

Jackson appreciated having somewhere cozy to rest too.
Just dropping in to wish everyone a nice day.
This week's theme: Teaching
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Friday, May 5, 2017

H2H: A "Treasured" Finish for Camp Hobe

Here's my quilty hug all ready to go. It makes me smile to think of a special camper receiving this fun pirate themed quilt as I'm donating it to:
This one measures 46"x66"...perfect for some lucky little camper!
Here's a peek at the back:

I was pretty psyched when I found this cool Pirate themed pantograph in my collection:
This quilt has been so much fun to create and it makes my heart smile knowing it's 
now on it's way to to be part of  Sarah's H2H Charity Challenge.  
Thanks for organizing this annual event for all of us Sarah!!
Confessions Of A Fabric Addict
PS: I'd love to quilt for you. Click HERE for the details.
I offer FREE return shipping on all quilts with quick turn-around service.

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Tuesday Archives #159: Teacher Gifts

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This week's theme is: TEACHER GIFTS

I'm having an especially fun week, but I know many of you are school teachers as well, both active or retired and some of you are also teachers (writers) of quilting, art, or other genres of learning...
so let be one, of the hopefully many, that wish you a wonderful, fantastic:

Image result for teacher appreciation week
Thank YOU for inspiring, guiding and movtivation the learners who's lives you touch.
This week let's rejuvinate posts that highlight homemade gifts created especially for those teachers, secretaries, ya know any and all of  those special workplace people that make a difference in our lives. Like Tonya....she makes THE best gifts! I mean, look at her adorable tea towels:

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Monday, May 1, 2017

Hello May!

Oh Happy, Happy Merry Month of May!
It's that time of year again when the end of the school year is fast approaching and there aren't enough hours in the day to get everything done I'd like to do. Soooo here comes my list to share with everyone else at OMG to help keep track of all my creative projects.

In the sewing room:

   My H2H quilt will be posted and mailed this week. Yeah! Then, as the weekend nears, I plan to complete my April Scrap Dance Tango Mystery step and get this pretty below onto the quilting frame. I want to get it quilted & bound for my May OMG over the next couple of weeks. Don't ya just love it's "springy" colors. And for some easy peasy, scrappy sewing, I'd be pysched to get my March red and May green RSC crayons done. Well see....if not, I'll get them caught up over Summer.

 I also plan to have a little R&R one Sunday afternoon as I stay in my jammies and enjoy a good movie as I prep the first block of my 2017 BOM. (It just arrived in the mail!). I've missed having an applique project on hand and do look forward to having this as my Slow Sunday Stitching...especially as the weather gradually begins to warm and I can sit outside and stitch. (It finishes as a queen size so I'm looking forward to having a new bed quilt around this time next year.
Sounds like a good month of sewing ahead don't ya think.
 My 2017 Happy Mail!

In the classroom:

With six weeks of school left (Time to make up for our January Armageddon of snow) we will continue to be busy and creative in the classroom to help make the best of our make-up days: 
Our last "theme" of study for the year has us engaging in American Traditions. We have team t-shirts to tye-dye, a classroom quilt to create, field trips by bus and more Virtual Google Exporations,
Finally we'll wrap up the year celebrating summer birthdays by frosting and decorating our very own cupcakes and creating handmade pinatas (remember paper mache). I'll be sure to share our growing school of fishy beanbags as the kids have not grown tired stitching yet. I have a feeling I'll be putting some summer sewing kits together. Their enthusiasm to stitch truly makes my day!  Thanks so much for cheering us on with your kind comments, know your support makes my day too. I'm looking forward to sharing this creative month of fun with you as this Merry Month of May gets underway! .
I just posted May's themes on the sidebar. 
(I'm probably the only person late to their own linky.)
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