Monday, December 10, 2018

Simple Joy: SNOW!

Nothing brings me more JOY this time of year than 
watching kids react to the first snow of the season!
They exclaim!

 They persevere. 

 They begin to roll....
...and roll....
  ...and roll!
 Nooooottt the amount you my friends are receiving back East here in the United States...but if ya ever drive by a snow filled school yard, whose fields are scattered with snowballs of a variety of sizes, you can now  smile knowing the JOY of those happy little people behind all that rolling!

Sunday, December 9, 2018

I Heart BABY Quilts

Sometimes some easy-peasy sewing quickly rejuvenates the ol' soul on whats been a cold, foggy morning. This little cuddle quilt will now be moved to my Winter Break quilting pile as...
...I look forward to using the rest of the weekend to finish up my Anni Downs project 
as I relax and enjoy some holiday movies. Grateful for a quiet end of the week spent at home.

Friday, December 7, 2018

Simple Joy: "Vintage" Sweaters this has been my very favorite sweater forever!
My mom made it for me when I was in college and when our Winter temperatures begin to greet us with frosty, 18 degree days, it not only gives me comfort and warmth, it fills my heart with JOY knowing it was handmade just for me by my mom. (Thanks mom!)
With that said, I never think twice about wearing it nor the cardigans she makes me until one of the younger teachers at school commented this week: "Val, I love all the vintage sweaters you wear." mom and I got such a kick out of that! I'm vintage!

Speaking of "vintage"...these sweaters below are from my youth and in in my efforts to downsize and simplify in my life, I'm "moving many things on" that I now longer use. 
These sixth grade girls were literally filled with JOY to inheritate sweaters that "Mrs. Reynolds" herself wore when she was their age! They called them their new favorite sweaters!
 Curious if you too have a cozy, "vintage" sweater you can't wait to wear once Winter arrives?
Sending warm Winter hugs your way!

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Simple Joy: Our Little Tree

 Aughhhhh the dark days of Winter are upon us and this little ceramic tree just seems to be the perfect way to add a bit of JOY as it's colorful little lights brighten our dining table.  I rescued it from a church rummage sale a few year back. Ordered replacement bulbs and since it's become our annual Christmas tree. Yep.That's it. That's our tree. Admittably, it was kinda wierd to "break" our traditions of tree decorating. Yet, in our transition as empty nesters, replacing our BIG family Christmas Tree with this new little guy has been wonderful! The holiday itself often finds us traveling to spend it with our daughter and I purchase a pine scented candle to add to the whole holiday ambiance and embrace the simplicity!
 Every morning...

...and every night...this little tree just brings me JOY.
Plus, just imagine how quick my holiday clean-up is! 
Sometimes, "breaking" tradition is good.

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Simple Joy: Holiday Mugs!

I awoke early this morning and found myself continuing to find JOY in my little holiday mug tradition. I mean now  I even look forward to receiving  my inevitable gifts mugs at school each year  knowing the'll be a special addition to this fun holiday collection.
My most soothing teas this season include peppermint. ginger with lemon along with my daily dose of green tea. Buttttt the absolute Best treat that brings me that JOY of feeling like a kid at Christmas again is when we mix up a little bit of this:
Stephen's Gourmet Hot Cocoa, Candycane Cocoa, 16-Ounce Can ( Pack- 1 )
I add one of those soft peppermint candy sticks to it and THAT is YUM! YUM !YUM!
 Curious if you too have a seasonal sippy drink that brings you JOY?

Sunday, December 2, 2018

A Sunday Sew Day....

I awoke early with the realization that my Christmas shopping is near finished, the household chores are all caught up and I am actually feeling well after a week of being sick myself. I have all day to myself. As I wander outside, I am greeted with a cold, damp morning and realize the best place to retreat is my basement sewing studio for a final day of rest. Thus, with a hot cup of peppermint tea, holiday music playing softly and my loyal companion, Jackson, by my side, this is where I sit as I write to you today.
 Have you ever found yourself sitting down to write a post and suddenly become reflective on why you blog?  Along with a change in my job, our personal life this past Summer and Fall were once again consumed by those unexpected, out-of-our-control, changes life with adult children can sometimes add to your life.
What I'm looking foris a blessing that's not indisguise -- Mary Engelbright.
The past five years have found me in a place were at times my heart was consumed with loss. Yet, I'm beginning to find myself  evolving mindful and personally stronger and grounded in MY own life journey than ever before. Disappointment and heartbreak have finally been replaced with acceptance and in that, I've gained a freedom, a sense of peace that I've never quite had. It's unfamiliar and exciting all at once. 

 So much so, that hubby and I are inspired to enter the new year with an authenticity we've never had. It feels good to be here blogging today but even more, it feels good to have my heart filled with the anticipation for this personal transformation that lies ahead for us as an empty nest, middle age couple who are about to downsize and simplify big time.   With that said, I have always thought of my blog as a journal (that is of course, read my anyone and everyone...LOL!) But, I value our small, quaint, virtual community. I know mine is not overly innovating or filled with unique techniques as much it's just about sharing my life as a quilter/crafter. I post about things I'd sit and chat with you about if we were to have a sew day together.  I love the simplicity of it.  So thanks for stopping by and visiting my muses. I hope you continue to find even a tad bit of inspiration and joy here especially as I myself, begin this new chapter in my life.

 And what perfect creative timing, I discovered this morning that my Summer/Fall sketchbook is full  and it's time to start another!! I love starting a new creative journal.  So as my ideas begin to formulate between the covers of my little black sketchbook, know I'll also look forward to sharing them here with you as well. 
Beginning with my upcoming 12 Days of Christmas Joy posts this month: Finding Joy in the Simplicity because when we get right down to it, we all have "something" going on in our lives and well:
 (Choose to make lemonade with me won't you.)
Okay, so I also found myself scrolled through my own blog archives this morning and realized it's been almost exactly three months since I have even had a sew day! How grateful am I to find myself right where I am today. I have spent many afternoons this past week just stitching my the fire, making great headway on my December list of hand sewing projects. 
But this afternoon, I'm looking forward to sewing. Baby girls are due to arrive at work in the next month. One co-worker is a first time mommy, the other a first time Grandmother....both I'm gifting a crib quilt. So I'd better get myself going don't ya think. I close wishing you a Happy Sunday and again, thanks for stopping by. I hope you'll stay tuned for my next life chapter...imagine how rejuvenating a new studio space will be!! I can't wait! 

Saturday, December 1, 2018

Christmas Wishes...

"Dear Santa, All's I want for Christmas is a mini drone."
What's even more adorable about this picture is, you can't see it, but Santa is using his right hand to  show to our grand guy "how" to fly a drone as he patiently demonstrated the "trick" is in a slow liftoff. Our little guy literally skipped away from Santa with the 
biggest smile on his face exclaiming to his mom and me: 
"I can't wait for Christmas!"

Welcome Christmas!
Wishing you a holiday month filled with the same joy and excitement found by our five year old grand guy.

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