Sunday, February 10, 2019

A New Project!

I finally found a project that my ol' vintage sewing box is perfect for!
I joined Sue Spargo's Forest of Trees BOM this year and each compartment 
is just right to keep needed supplies on hand: 

 I also found the perfect little spot to set it all up so I can conveniently pin the next
 layer  of the piece and enjoy stitching each day after work for a bit. 
I haven't been sewing or quilting but am enjoying the peacefulness many of us find when hand sewing. Linking up with everyone else at Kathy's to celebrate and share. Happy Stitching!

Monday, February 4, 2019

Thirty Years Ago....

A peek into an old scrapbook reminds hubby and I of our joyful beginning
 as husband and wife thirty years ago today. Thirty years!! 
(No digital photos back in 1989.)

My handmade wedding dress, vowing to be "Together Forever"...we sat and chuckled over breakfast as we flipped in reflection through this old scrapbook. We found ourselves discussing how lucky we feel to have grown-up together, amazed at how much we've accomplished and conquered, grateful that our marriage only grew stronger as we've traveled this so-called journey of life together. 

And oh how I still remember the joy I felt during this very moment pictured below 
as we walked down the isle after our wedding Mr. and Mrs.

And shoot, he can still surprise me with flowers that bring those same tears of joy to my eyes.  
Of all the wishes I had as a little girl, I'm just so very, very grateful that the one of my being married to my very best friend is the one that came true! We've overcome tough hardships including cancer, depression, and most currently Angioedema. We've celebrated as we've built a successful life and  shared the joy of becoming grandparents. I'm just so humbled to be HIS wife. I seriously can do anything with this guy by my side as he makes me the best me I can be. He always makes me smile. He makes me laugh. I'm the lucky one!!

I plan to keep these right on my desk to enjoy as I also relish in everyone's mouth drop 
expression when I answer: "How long have we've been married" . LOL!
When asked how we did it, I share how we started out and continue to be best friends and communication has been key in our marriage over the past thirty years. We're grounded and simple even in these modern times of technology and social media. We continue to have weekly dates and enjoy a simple, drama free life together.  We like, care, listen and support each other. We have fun. We hope to inspire others by our example and I truly thank you for stopping by and sharing in our celebration.

Sunday, February 3, 2019

Feb. OMG: Another Flimsy Finish.

My February goal is to finish my Buggy Barn Sunny Side of the Street into a flimsy. I only have the checkered grass rows between each panel and border to add, so it should be easy to get done.
I plan to custom quilt this finish, thus it will most likely have to wait until my summer break when I have more time to quilt. I'm once again setting monthly goals with everyone else at
Patty's OMG linky. Click HERE to see what everyone else is up to.

Friday, February 1, 2019

So looking forward to Spring!

Today, I was delighted by the fact that the mornings are starting to get lighter earlier.
 I just hate going to work in the dark. It doesn't feel humanly right to me.
I'm simply grateful that the morning dawn is beginning to greet me on my daily walk to work.  
I'm also looking forward to what  Pennsylvania's famed groundhog, Phil, predicted is going to be an early Spring. Our Winter has been unseasonably mild without our usual dumping of snow but it has been cold and wet. I'm finding myself anxious to get back to golfing and hiking soon!
Image result for groundhog day
Guess you can say I have a small case of Spring Fever. Do you?

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