Thursday, July 11, 2019

Some changes are on the horizon....

The hum of my sewing machines seem to almost echo in our empty house as the final quilt gets quilted....
 ...and another got binding sewn on.

I thought Jackson looked a little sad until I realized while I was ironing that he in fact just couldn't find a comfy place to rest! Poor guy! I felt so bad. With no dog bed of his own nor couch to rest upon...he finally found a cozy spot in the quilt I was binding. Smart puppy. 

As many of you know, hubby and I have been downsizing this year and as we all know, 
as one door closes, another one opens. We may not always know what lies in the horizon.... 
...but I actually find inspiration in the unknown right now and even took time to make a list of all 
the things I want to do MORE. I'm filled with curiosity as this new life chapter begins. 
 My little creative brain is turning as I find myself actually looking forward to a smaller, 
cozier creative space:

With that said, this is my last post here as Val's Quilting Studio. I want to expand my blogging genre and plan to rename it add more versatility. I'm going to allow myself a little sabbatical of sorts as we transition into our new, smaller home and ponder ideas for this blog expansion.

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Until then, thank you for following. Thank you for your inspiration. Thank you for your friendships. Thank you for your support and patience. If you just found my blog, you can take a look around by clicking on my tabs at the top of the page and my post labels at the bottom of the page. With six years of quilting documented here...there's plenty of inspiration to be found and friends to meet by following the blog links on my sidebar.

Saturday, July 6, 2019

LINKY: 6th Annual Piggy Bank Challenge!!

It's that time of year when we finally empty our piggy banks and splurge on something quilty!Click the picture to read more!
We'll be bringing out change to the coin counter on Monday... 
...but I'm already thinking of using my savings to build some shelves for my 
new sewing room. How about YOU? Now it's your turn to share!
Last July  a dozen of you signed for this year's challenge and even more joined through email after the linky closed. This week, empty those piggy banks my friends and create a post to link here with us exclaiming your total amount saved and share what quilty purchase you're going to make! 
(FYI: The linky will be open for a week) 
You are invited to the Inlinkz link party!
Click here to enter

Wednesday, July 3, 2019

One More Charity Finish...

One more finish for the Carolina Hurricane Quilt Project.
 This quilt top was sent to me from a fellow quilter to finish for the project.  
I love the rainbow of Kaffe fabrics against the crisp white background don't you! 

I found a purple patterned backing and had enough left over to use it for the binding too.
The rainbow of happy colors reminded me of a flower garden so I used a pantograph of butterflies fluttering along for the quilting pattern using a white King Tut Superior thread: 
I plan to machine sew the binding down tonight, pop the quilt into the wash, then it's on it's way to: .
Carolina Hurricane Project
c/o Catholic Charities
20 N. 4th Street, Suite 300
Wilmington, NC 28401
What is the deadline for shipping quilts?   The shipping address in Wilmington will take completed quilts into 2020. So it's NOT too late to help. Click HERE to check out the details of Carole's Project and hopefully I've inspired you to contribute too.

Also....for all of us "penny pinchers" come back July 6th to share your savings!
Click the picture to read more!

Thursday, June 20, 2019

A Charity Finish....

This fun quilt top was sent to me awhile ago as a donation to the Carolina Quilt Project.
I quilted it using a circular pantograph which I think complimented the geometric fabric patterns.
The binding was done in a solid black.
I have this little guy here for a week of Grammy Camp and plan to get the binding sewn down during our quiet afternoon movie time (no more naps when are five!). Then in the mail it goes. 
Enjoying summer, grand guy fun and a little bit of sewing.

Thursday, June 6, 2019

Summer Quilting....

Good thing about having an empty studio is having plenty of room to prep quilts....
We have an Open House to promote our house sale this weekend, and I plan to keep my long-arm up until our house does sell. With that said, I plan to use my summer sew time to quilt the two charity quilts I have committed to and the few finished tops I do have before I take down my long-arm for an upcoming extended period of time. I did finish quilting my Anne Downs yesterday and just need to bind it before I share it here. I'm also hoping to finish sewing my Lori Holt Bee Happy top as it would be perfect to hang in the laundry room of our new home and I'd like to create a lap quilt for my mom before Lizzie goes into deep hibernation
Honestly, this is really the first time in our downsizing process that I find myself wondering how much I'll miss the convenience of my studio? Time will tell, as I'm sure I will in some ways. But in others, I continue to find myself embracing this transformation in my life. Stay tuned!
And for those of you still hanging on with me...we count our change July 6th!
We count our change on July 6th!

Thursday, May 30, 2019

Another Year Older....

...and got to celebrate it a little early when our two favorite little guys visited!
That is our little guy's "CHEESE" smile and big brother's "Smile nice for the camera" grin" as I begged him to "Just do one nice smile for Meme bud." LOL!! I  really didn't want one of his "funny" faces he humorously enjoys flashing in practically every picture taken lately!  Hard to believe he starts kinder in the Fall! Anyhooo.....Celebrating 54 couldn't get any better than this! 

Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Getting It Done!

I wasn't sure I'd really be able to get my studio from THIS to this:

But BAM! I did!!! And now.....eighty percent of it is in storage: 

With the only thing left standing being my long-arm:
The downsizing process continues to be rejuvenating for me in spirit.
So for any of you thinking about it tackling it's been refreshing and rejuvenating. 
It's taken me eight months to get to where I am now and I'm loving the simplicity of having less.
As for the ol' blog here....I'm playing with the idea of an entirely new blog once we've sold our current home and moved into our much smaller home. Some of you have also asked about an eye-spy swap this summer. I haven't decided yet...but will soon! (Tomorrow is the last day of time will slow down a little bit.) ANDDDD our Annual Piggy Bank Challenge will be on July 6th. So those of you involved in that, mark your calendar! Thinking of all of you and sending smiles your way.
Val's Quilting Studio

Sunday, May 5, 2019

A Productive Mess?

Hello! Hello!! Downsizing has consumed most of my free time over the past six months. 
After yard sales, trips to make donations, craigslist sales and passing things on to our daughter, most the rooms in our home are now empty and the house literally echos. LOL!

 All's I have left  to pack is the sewing studio...and right now it's a mess!
A productive I'm literally going through everything. Craft supplies I haven't used in years went in the yard sale. Fabric I don't like anymore, gone.
And it really is hard to sew when when my sewing area looks like this:

The long-arm looks like this:

And boxes fill most the floor space.
At times, the process of downsizing my sewing studio has felt overwhelming. Sometimes, even emotional when past memories surface. And sometimes I have found myself indecisive. But in the end, it's turning into a cleansing process that finds me actually looking forward to having a smaller space.
 Less is starting to feel good....does that make sense?
I've kept out my wool creative stitching and hope to get two donations quilts finished and three of my own quilt tops turned into a quilt before we sell our house and I temporarily pack up my long-arm. 

My new space will be a simple 10'x11' room:
 I'm already daydreaming of how I'll decorate and set up my new space.
And in the future, I can always decrease the length of the poles on my long-arm and set it up.
But for now, I like the simplicity. I'm actually enjoying the process....
and hey, I'll have plenty of quilts set aside to bind as I do love binding!
Thanks to those of you who have emailed me to touch base and to let me know my blog has been missed. That seriously, is just the nicest compliment. Thank you!!

Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Lizzi is hibernating.....

Changes in my job this year; 
Changes in my husband's work schedule; find my long-arm left in hibernation. 
The changes are all pretty exciting really.
 At work, I love the independence and freedom in my job as a mentor and reading specialist. I certainly do not have to worry about getting my 10,000 steps in each day.  I seem to always be on the go as I flutter between classrooms. Just today I started the morning giving a sixth grade lesson and ended it working with our kinders as they learn to decode and read. It's just so awesome to be a part of their learning process.

At home, the month of March will find hubby and I getting back to working the same Monday through Friday schedule for the first time in F O R E V E R!! Like we are talking so long we can't even remember WHEN we did share the same work schedule in the past ten years. But not anymore!!! We're so excited about the idea of being able to enjoy full weekends together and the opportunities that this will open for us to be more active together. Funny how one change dominoes into so many others. You know, like when the bedsheets get changed, laundry gets done and house gets cleaned...that kind of fun stuff.
With that said, that leaves me again, with not much to share on the ol' quilting blog here. (I'm so sorry) I AM enjoying my hand stitching as I work on my Sue Spargo Forest of Trees BOM. I find myself stitching every night and continuously looking forward to playing with all those creative stitches! Of course, I have plenty of quilts awaiting to be finished, including two for the Carolina Quilt Project. (I haven't forgot Carole....smiles!) But for now, I just wanted to drop in to let ya life's just in transition. A good transition for sure. But one that finds me taking a break from quilting once again. I'm sure once Summer rolls around, Lizzi will be out of hibernation and I'll find myself getting those projects done lickety split! Until then, I promise to drop in to share updates of the grands, our weekend adventures, along with some slow stitching every now and then.

Thursday, February 21, 2019

A Virtual Hug!

No your eyesight isn't going bad....our little guy just loves his dog and I couldn't  believe I caught this adorable moment in a photo. (blurry as it may be) I just had to share...hoping it makes you smile too.
The right hug from the right person just makes all the difference doesn't it.
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Monday, February 18, 2019

Our Anniversary Weekend

We both took a little extra time off work last week and escaped to this quaint little town of Lava Hot Springs, Idaho to celebrate our 30th Wedding Anniversary. It's rich in history as for centuries before it was turned into a settlement, the Bannock and Shoshone Indian tribes gathered here to bathe, rest, and worship in the natural, odor-free mineral waters found in this quiet valley. 
In 1911, the State of Idaho began developing the hot springs into what is now a main street of hotels, restaurants and ol' time western bars that greet visitors with a smile and continue to offer fair prices.

We were spoiled from the moment we arrived and truly  enjoyed the inclusiveness of our Anniversary stay.
We were able to schedule mineral soaks, evening dining and enjoy complimentary wine tasting and
 breakfast without ever leaving our Inn.
It was all amazingly relaxing and rejuvenating.
Both private and public hot spring pools and tubs can be found in every hotel and park. 

Seriously, it became "normal" to greet other guests with a quick hello as we passed each other in hallways and common areas bundled up in bathrobes and styling flip flops. Which okay, admittedly felt weird in the beginning, but of course, didn't take us too long to get use to. 

We also enjoyed some out door recreation in-between all those mineral soaks and found 
snow-shoeing to be the perfect way to see the winter landscape.

As we reached the peek of our hike, we were thinking another mineral soak would be perfect just about now! Luckily we had that and a couple's massage scheduled once we returned to the Inn.

So yeah, no machine sewing to share, but thanks goodness for hand sewing on a long drive.
Tomorrow reality sets in and it's back to work, but never the less, we're so grateful to have gotten away to celebrate that which makes the day to day so worthwhile and awesome!
PS: Please feel free to comment and share an anniversary celebration of your own.

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