Tuesday, February 4, 2020

An "Enchanted Anniversary"

This past weekend we had fun getting all dressed up as we attended a local fundraiser.
It was an evening spent enjoying friends, good food and lively conversations.

It also found us celebrating our Thirty-First Wedding Anniversary!
 Here's to Thirty-One more babe!
With SMILES! Val
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  1. Happy anniversary. Looks like you two had fun.

  2. Happy Anniversary!!!
    And many,many more:)

  3. Happy Anniversary!! I have not dressed up in years and years-good for you two getting out-hugs

  4. You're rocking that gorgeous Little Black Dress! Happy Anniversary to a handsome couple :)

  5. Happy Anniversary! You both look radiantly happy, good to see! I love a nice dress up event and dinner out.

  6. Happy 31st!! May you have many more happy years together.

  7. Happy 31st Val! The photograph indeed says that it was an "enchanted evening", hope you had a lot of fun. You guys look so cute together, dressed up so pretty. Do keep yourselves in the round, Much love! While you're being awesome, do keep sharing your life experiences. Your writing style is simple and fun to read.

  8. Sweet, sweet post! Congratulations to a great marriage!


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