Wednesday, December 22, 2021

"May the Force Be With You"

Like most four years old's right now, our youngest grand guy just loves Baby Yoda.

For his fourth birthday (last month) he got Baby Yoda Jammies:

He got a "big boy" twin bed so of course, we bought him Baby Yoda sheets:

And....finally...Meme got his birthday quilt DONE!!! 
(Yes, a month later!!!)

I love the flannel green & black check backing and "bubbles" pantograph I used:

It's just the right size for that NEW twin size bed too!!!

And here he is opening up his "Happy Mail":

SWEET DREAMS Little One!!!

With Smiles! Val:)

Saturday, October 16, 2021

Quilty Smiles!!!

I always cherish that moment the boys first see their new quilt!


And look at these smiles as they are all tucked in for their first night under a new quilty hug!

These are the moments I cherish!!

Happy Birthday boys!!
With smiles! V:)

Sunday, September 26, 2021

Birthday Quilts Ready to Gift!

Not one...

...but two birthday quilts.
 These were quick and easy strip quilts that happily filled our grand guys request of  a 
birthday quilt in fabric of his favorite football team. I used a soft flannel backing and 
made them to be twin and crib size to fit the beds at their dad's house.

Hard to believe these two are going to be four and eight!

These are their traditional quilt labels and I finished the quilts with a fun football pantograph.

More quilty hugs...
...for the two that call me Meme.
With Smiles. 

Saturday, September 25, 2021

Busy Binding....with a little help!

My grand guys birthday quilts are almost done!

I'm busy sewing the binding...and Jackson seems to think these are for him?

Such a funny pup!

Who by the way just turned twelve!
Finished quilt pictures coming soon!
Hope this post finds all my quilty friends doing well.
Sending smiles your way! V:)
good day!

Thursday, June 24, 2021

"Meme! You Haven't Made Me a Quilt!"

Oh man! Nothing like getting scolded by your own grandson! 
These two guys made their annual start of summer visit and our oldest grand guy took to reminding me I HAVEN'T made him a "6 or 7 and soon to be 8" birthday quilt! Uh oh!

We searched through my blog and I had to admit, he was right! 
Now of course, I'm completely flattered that he remembers and WANTS another birthday quilt. 
So, like any good Meme, I let him pick out and "design" his next quilt. Lucky me he came up with a really quick and easy strip Seahawks quilt that will include his name, favorite number and the Seahawks Mascot. EASY peasy. Oh and it has to have a "cuddly fabric" on the back. LOL!!

And as any little brother would sooner than later do, he chimed in quick with his 
"what about me?" inquiry. So I took him to the sewing room and Boy! Oh Boy! 
was he so excited when I pulled out this Brown Bear fabric.

Soooo with a crazy school year final finished and two months of summer freedom ahead of me, I guess you can say these two cuties gave their ol' Meme just the sprinkle of motivation she needed to get creative! Stay tuned! 
Oh and if ya have any ideas for that Brown Bear Fabric...please do comment!
This is the fabric I have:
With Smiles!

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