Saturday, October 31, 2015

Happy Halloween Weekend

Our little guy was a clown this year....and was a sticky mess by the end of the day.

We enjoyed our walks...crazy he's already out his stroller and riding his strider bike.
Look Grammy..."poop". (Can ya tell he's potty training!)
 And we played!
 Nothing like a weekend having the kids and this little guy home for a visit to rejuvinate my spirits!

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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Dog Gone Cute Blog Hop + Give-Away!

Oh how fun Lorna's Dog Gone Cute Blog Hop has been this month!
I got mine finished just in time for my "hop" day today. I used my favorite dog quilt it and...wellllll....okay, the binding isn't on and I just realized I didn't even snap a picture of the backing. I geuss that gives me a great opportunity for more show-n-telling during the final linky party starting November 3rd! Right?! (Btw...I plan to use a solid black binding.)  But seriously, wasn't this pattern so fun and easy!! Thank you so very much Lorna! 
Sew Fresh Quilts
And if any of you are are like me, as soon as ya finally finish a quilt, ya run to the nearest person (in my case, my hubby) and dramatically present your know, like they've never seen it over the last month of it's production! LOL!! (God bless them for their patience with us!)Yet, with complete disregard of that fact, you dramatically present your finish anyways! So lucky am I that he says: "I think this one is really my favorite Val." (I just love my guy!!) And I have to agree! Having been a house full of Jack Russells over the past twenty years, I have to say, this quilt will hold a special place in all of our hearts and be well used.
I used the 15" block pattern and this quilt finished to be 56"x60".
The middle row of pups going down were created in honor of the Jack Russells that have been in our life over the last twenty years: Lily, Jackson, Cami and Frazier. Yes, and below is Jackson posing with HIS block. (Such a ham I know! LOL!!!) He's just always close by...Cami was curled up in a ball on the couch sleeping, unaware of anything else going on. I'm going to tell you though, what differentiates Jackson from all the other dogs in our life is the that he is THE only dog we  have raised from a pup. All the other dogs in our life have been rescue dogs.
 Which brings me to ask you...what is it that you love about your favorite pup(s)? For me, I absolutely love Jackson's sincere loyalty to me. He is my constant companion. My hubby snapped this picture of us as I was creating this post and texted it to me saying..."Seriously!" 
Yeep! Seriously! (LOL!!) As much as I loved working with rescue dogs and giving them a good home, Jackson was my empty nest pup. He was the first puppy we ever had. We were new to the empty nester phase of life, my hubby was working swing and graveyard shifts. It was often just Jackson and me during a very lonely, transitional time for thus our bond started and my quilting hobby began. Yes, THE REST IS HISTORY here on my blog.
December 2009. Jackson was twelve weeks old here.
So here's what is up for grabs when you comment and share what it is you love most about your favorite pup: (This little zipper bag measures 5"x7" and has a vinyl interior.)
This give-away is closed.
And hey if you are new to my blog from the hop...let me know so I can return the visit and I can never resist meeting a new dog lover. Happy Dog Gone Cute Blog Hopping everyone and thank you so very much for stopping by my little spot in the blog world. Here's who else is on the hop today and don't forget the linky party starting November 3rd.

Stephanie – Jak and Will
Valerie – Val’s Quilting Studio (You are here)
Cristina – Pretty Little Quilts
Click here to see this week's Tuesday Archives linky party: featuring Wholecloth Quilts/Quilting
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Monday, October 26, 2015

Tuesday Archives #86: Wholecloth Quilts

Hello! Hello! and Happy Tuesday Archives! (Early)
Val's Quilting Studio
You can also check out all our past Tuesday Archives themes by clicking right here.

This week's theme is Wholecoth Quilts:

While enjoying the Dog Gone Cute Blog Hop I found a new blog that I enjoyed: Tish's Adventures in Wonderland!  I also found it ironic that she had a whole cloth quilt finish too! It's always fun to find new blogs to enjoy isn't it?! Well, welcome to Tuesday Archives Tish!!

Now admittably, I have many whole cloth sketches in my notebook, yet none have made it to the sewing machine yet.  But I'm finding this technique to be an enticing creative element and have been even more inspired by the thought of  using this technique to fill in negative space like on this quilt I saw while at the HMQS last May:
I don't know  how popular wholecloth quilting is....but hey, I'm on letter "W" in my Tuesday Archives theme book and thought it would be an interesting theme to add. Who knows what inspiration may be rejuvinated?  I'mhonestly very interested to see what shows up this week.

Thursday, October 22, 2015

This week's WIP

Sometimes the good ol' long arm comes in handy for other things besides quilting.
I really can't resist making my pups into a lap quilt, so last night was spent cutting out the rest of my blocks. I found the pantograph platform on my long-arm a handy place to lay all my stacks.
I'm  thinking by having all the blocks pre-cut, the sewing will be quicker and more enjoyble?? 
I also added the "theme" cutting tables to my Tuesday Archives notebook I found myself hunched over all night and miss having my taller cutting table. Hubby just said he'll help me look at a solution this weekend. I'll be sure to share any ingenious ideas he comes up with. 
(Cause I'm sure he will, as he's always so good like that...grateful me.)
Hope you've been able to fit in some sew time yourself this week.

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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Tuesday Archives #85: Wool

Hello! Hello! and Happy Tuesday Archives! 
Val's Quilting Studio
You can also check out all our past Tuesday Archives themes by clicking right here.

This week's theme is anything WOOL: 

This week I couldn't resist highlighting Rose who blogs at Three Sheep Studio . I have been following Rose ever since I started blogging. I love everything wool on her blog! When visiting her blog you will seriously find everything from wool applique, punch Needle Embroidery, Hand Embroidery with embellishment on wool fabric and Traditional Wool Rug Hooking. And even if you are not "into" wook I promise you will be inspired by her combination and use of colors and textures. See:
Wool Pennies And Punch Needle Design by Rose Clay at

(I can't wait to try this technique!)
Blanket Stitch - Scalloped Blanket Stitch - How To Conceal Knots -

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Saturday, October 17, 2015

Bubble Quilting Today

 I spent this afternoon quilting this for Project Linus:

I used a simple bubble pantograph and a variegated lime thread.
 It was fun. It was easy. It helped me get my long-arm "warmed" up again.

I usually keep a half of dozen quilt tops from the Project Linus ladies around for days like today when I need to get my machine going again. They provide a great opportunity to practice my quilting as well. 
We're off for our daily walk.
Hope your weekend is going well.
More sewing tomorrow!!!
Click on the picture to read more about Project Linus:
I volunteer here:

Thursday, October 15, 2015

A Six Pack of Puppies

Puppy isn't lonely anymore.
I had some extra sewing time this week, which is unusual for me to find during the work I spent my time creating memory of all the Jack Russells we've owned over the past 28 years.
I'm thinking of creating six more to make a nice size lap quilt???
But am going to visit all the others on  Dog Gone Cute blog hop to get some finishing ideas. (You can click here to find the schedule of quilters who are participating in this fun QAL.) It's suppose to rain this weekend and with the change of seasons, yard work is decreasing, and as sit here creating this post I find myself looking forward to some time in the studio. THis anticipation makes makes me very happy as my sewing mojo has not been what it usually is...I was getting a little worried! LOL!!!


Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Tuesday Archives #84: Vintage Sewing Machines

Hello! Hello! and Happy Tuesday Archives! 
Val's Quilting Studio
You can also check out all our past Tuesday Archives themes by clicking right here.

This week's theme is Vintage Sewing Machines: 

I knew immediately that I'd highlight my blogging buddy Marianne who blogs at Adventurous Quilter. We starting blogging at the same time. We met in person in 2013 as she was on vacation and planned a visit. (My town was on her route.) It's always fun to meet a blogging friend in person isn't it. Marianne has 22!!! Yes! I said 22 vintage sewing machines.
They are all unique and original like Patty:
You can click here to see all her Sewing Machines. BTW, Ava continues to be my favorite!
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Friday, October 9, 2015

A Halloween Quilt

Two quilting goals I currently have is to have a quilt (or two) in every room of the house. (Hmmmmm and now that I'm sitting here thinking about that, I'm a little humored to think that the only room that doesn't have a quilt is our master bedroom!!! Seriously! That is kinda funny huh!) Anyhoo, I also want to have a quilt for every holiday. So, this is my Halloween quilt made from a fun jelly roll:
It was one of my very first quilts made when I starting quilting in 2010.
 It's the perfect lap size quilt for these cool Fall nights that are creeping in.

I also loved this spooky webbed/ batty print I chose the back:
So I'm wondering, do decorate your home with your quilts? Seriously, my quilting friend keeps most of her finished quilts in totes hidden under her bed! And they are beautiful!!

Val's Quilting Studio
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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Tuesday Archives #83: UFO's

Hello! Hello! and Happy Tuesday Archives! 
Val's Quilting Studio
Welcome to the linky party that rejuvenates your old quilting/sewing posts! 
Image result for congratulations Carole who Blogs at From My Carolina Home. Her link #27 under tablerunners was the random number 69 drawn!!! You are September's linky winner of a 15.00 gift certificate to Fabric N Quilts. 
(Watch your email for the gift code!!)

This week's theme is UFO's:

Maybe this week you want to share how you store your UFO's or WIP.
Maybe you want to use this week's linky to create a new post to set a goal to finish some UFO's.
Maybe you don't want to think of your UFO's...LOL!

Monday, October 5, 2015

One lonely puppy...

Poor little guy....looks so lonely on the design wall all by himself.
Luckily, my October sewing will be dedicated to created a whole pack to 
keep him company as my blog hop day is Tuesday October 27th..
The Dog Gone Cute blog hop starts tomorrow and I  can't wait to get some finishing tips.
Click here to find the schedule of quilters who are participating.

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Saturday, October 3, 2015

Happy Mail!

My work week was made a little brighter with surprise happy mail!
Thank you Nancy of Pupmom Quilts for the adorable Seasame Street fabric.
I'm going to make our little guy a pillowcase to match his Elmo Quilt.
Jackson and Cami loved their treats from the boys.
PS - Zenia Rene has a new Saturday linky party called "WHOOMP There It Is" 
going on at A Quilted Passion-check it out and show her some linky love!  

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