Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Tuesday Archives #84: Vintage Sewing Machines

Hello! Hello! and Happy Tuesday Archives! 
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This week's theme is Vintage Sewing Machines: 

I knew immediately that I'd highlight my blogging buddy Marianne who blogs at Adventurous Quilter. We starting blogging at the same time. We met in person in 2013 as she was on vacation and planned a visit. (My town was on her route.) It's always fun to meet a blogging friend in person isn't it. Marianne has 22!!! Yes! I said 22 vintage sewing machines.
They are all unique and original like Patty:
You can click here to see all her Sewing Machines. BTW, Ava continues to be my favorite!
Thank youFabrics N Quilts for your linky support! Though this sponsorship is ending, I wanted to wish them good luck in their local endeavors, shows & pattern writing.
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  1. Thanks Val! I love checking out the fun machines. What a great idea for a linky party.

  2. I agree with Diane, good idea! My machine is kind of vintage... 38 years old?

  3. I love looking at vintage sewing machines. I have one but never blogged about it so I couldn't link up today. I'll have fun visiting everyone else though.

  4. mmmm...I didn't think I would have anything for today's link....had to delve deep into my brain archives! finally I remembered the shop front decorated with floor to ceiling rows of vintage sewing machines while walking through part of London.

  5. Thanks for hosting Val! I had a hard time picking which posts I wanted to share. I have a lot on vintage sewing machines, just love the old gals.

  6. I have been reading but not able to join in. Either I haven't had the topic or I have been so busy I have missed it. Keep up the good work...

  7. I too follow Marianne would not be surprised to read she now has 23!

  8. Love vintage machines! (I only have two, but they are all I have.) Just realized I've never blogged directly about them, except when I had to repair one. My treadle is in my header picture, though. I wonder: do you name your machines? I never named my Featherweight, but my treadle is Kitty because she purrs.

  9. I have the same machine!! It was my only machine for years... hand me down from mother... 1959 Singer. Sorry I missed this link party. Val, I got the charm in the mail yesterday and will send it to you today. LeeAnna

  10. Such fun posts. With so little storage room, I haven't got into the vintage machines. But I can certainly see why people like them.


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