Monday, October 26, 2015

Tuesday Archives #86: Wholecloth Quilts

Hello! Hello! and Happy Tuesday Archives! (Early)
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This week's theme is Wholecoth Quilts:

While enjoying the Dog Gone Cute Blog Hop I found a new blog that I enjoyed: Tish's Adventures in Wonderland!  I also found it ironic that she had a whole cloth quilt finish too! It's always fun to find new blogs to enjoy isn't it?! Well, welcome to Tuesday Archives Tish!!

Now admittably, I have many whole cloth sketches in my notebook, yet none have made it to the sewing machine yet.  But I'm finding this technique to be an enticing creative element and have been even more inspired by the thought of  using this technique to fill in negative space like on this quilt I saw while at the HMQS last May:
I don't know  how popular wholecloth quilting is....but hey, I'm on letter "W" in my Tuesday Archives theme book and thought it would be an interesting theme to add. Who knows what inspiration may be rejuvinated?  I'mhonestly very interested to see what shows up this week.


  1. I am a wholecloth quilt fan, tere are ueually a couple at quilt hows that are always wonderful, it amazes me how they quilt them so beautifully unfortunately they do not photo well as they are usually white cream etc, your photo is super though

  2. I have many wholecloth quilts in my head, along with many pieced. More time, we need more time.

  3. Aww, thanks for featuring me, Val! And I am super happy to hear you enjoyed your visit to my site. I love whole clothes (though I've only tackled small ones) because of all the cool textures you can create. The possibilities are endless.

  4. Tish's whole cloth is beautiful! I wish I would have put the updated family tree quilt link instead of the one I did. . . oh well, if people want to see the finished finished quilt they can find it here :)

    Val, jump in and try it - you will have SO much fun!! The best part for me is not having to piece a thing! LOL No, you know I love to quilt but I do have to say, just sandwiching some fabric and going for it is pretty freeing!

  5. Whole cloth quilts have always fascinated me.


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