Friday, August 31, 2018

I-Spy Many Smiles!

I-Spy three happy boys!
Earlier this summer I made this lap size eye-spy for these three special little guys. I finished it's quilting and binding on just in time for the arrival of their new little brother. (Who's wrapped in a receiving blanket I made especially for him! Along with a hand knitted blanket by my mom.)
These are just one of those ultimate moments we quilters love isn't it! 

So while his cousins above are celebrating the arrival of their new brother,
this little grand-guy of ours started Pre-k this year!

Annnnddddd this little guy is growing way too fast and is just the happiest baby!

It's been a very busy month filled with with family vacations, visits and adventures. My school year is also off to a fantastic start and I'm really enjoying my new position as a teacher mentor with no regrets of leaving the classroom. (whew!) It's been a welcome transition in my life.

I have to say, we've even improved our golf game quite a bit this summer too!
Wild Horse Casino, Pendeleton Oregon.
And now, with Labor Day finally upon us, I'm sure I'm not alone in welcoming the coming of Fall. I find my sewing studio calling me once again. It's serenity and outburst of creativity awaiting me. I can't wait to fling it's windows open and begin quilting this Christmas Quilt of a friends that has been patiently waiting it's turn. I also have an entire sew day planned with a friend and we are going to create one of  Buggy Barn's (Now One Sister) newest quilt: Sunny Side of the Street. 
OH! And A game of golf and a BBQ afterwards with hubby are on the agenda too.
Thank you for your support and patience this past month as I made my work transition.
I'm looking forward to catching up with all your blogs and going-ons and an inspiring Fall together.

Sunday, August 19, 2018

My Hand-stitching Tote Finish!

Ta-Da! I finished the cover for my new little hand-stitching bag this morning:

It's a little Yazzii tote I got on clearance earlier this month. Closed, it measure 7x9.5x3 inches and will make the perfect keeper of all my hand-stitching supplies and travel projects. 
It has eight  zippered compartments that have see-through panels.
Here's a peek inside mine:
 Needles, pens, pencils, nail files, binding clips, mini rulers: 

Applique pins, seam ripper, scissors, and there's another pocket for my thread:

My travel pin cushion, thread catcher, and project are kept in the final pouches:

In my previous post, some of you questioned how I as going to attach my cover.
Once I got the "cover" done....which is really just a mini quilt, I clipped it to the bag:

Then just hand stitching it to the tote using a small whip-stitch:
(It's surprisingly really secure.)
I've been searching high and low for the "perfect" travel bag for my hand-stitching and I think this one is going to be the perfect it's so darn cute that I love using it!!!
Curious is you have a "go-to" tote for your hand stitching and what you keep in yours?
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Sunday, August 12, 2018

A Little Creative Stitching...

THANK YOU for your kind comments and support as I make this big transition in my teaching career. Your comments are a continuous reminder of how valuable our quilty friendships are. And not being one to be without a hand project, I had a "Squirrel moment" and I bought a Yazzi bag on clearance and started yet, a new project without finishing that which is already at hand. LOL!
I dug out this adorable Sue Spargo Needle Keeper kit I've had in my stash for years and am using it to create a cover for my new little supply bag.
It's been the perfect little project right now.
Today I'll start to play with some creative stitching during my afternoon down time and am looking forward to using this as my new travel stitch bag.
 Sometimes a quick...and yes, cute....project is just so rejuvenating! 
I'll be sure to share my finish soon.

Sunday, August 5, 2018

Retired Quilts & A Little Blogging Break

Happy Happy August everyone!
With two weeks of family fun and vacations behind me, I sat down and looked at my desk calendar this morning realizing that a time of transition is once again approaching as my summer vacation begins to wind down and a new school year begins to appear on the horizon. 

This year I begin my 30th year of teaching and with it, a transition out of the classroom as a 
second grade teacher to that of a mentor coach and reading specialist. 
Which means, it's time to retire all my classroom quilts:

So what does that mean? What will I do with them?
Well, I gifted one of the student created story quilts to a previous student who is now starting seventh grade. I'm gifting the polka dotted jelly roll quilt as part of a school auction, the other three I kept.

I'm really excited for this change in my career and the opportunities it will bring.
But, it also means I'm gong to be busier than usual, which I have to admit, I'm also looking forward to that too as I've really needed a change. Along with mentoring new teachers, I'm also responsible for our weekly staff professional developments and admittedly, that is always fun for me too. LOL!
So what does that mean for my blog? For my quilting? I really don't know.

 I have found myself wanting to "downsize" and simplify more and more in every area of my life. In example, my husband and I spent the better part of yesterday cleaning out my classroom and after finding teaching resources dating back to 1987 (Okay....these are literally older than most the teachers I even work with) Yes, we decided to purg most of it. After seven LARGE cafeteria trashcan fulls, I moved into my new office with only a few boxes left to move. I turned the lights off to my old classroom with a smile and a feeling of exhilaration for that which lies ahead and pride for that which has been accomplished over the past years.

I also talked to my mom about my desire to downsize my quilting too. I mean I love my sewing. I'm never without a hand project or two and well, as an avid knitter, she understood that feeling of having a stash of WIP and an overwhelming amount of projects awaiting our attention. She encouraged me to continue my "stash busting" efforts and to give myself  permission to just enjoy the hobby without blogging or completing customer quilts as I enjoy my new transition. So with that said, I am putting Tuesday Archives on hold for just a little bit and will downsize my weekly blogging efforts as well. I'm hoping that come September, life will find me returned to my Sunday sewing as the two things I enjoy most about blogging is being able to document and share my quilty adventures and the inspiration I find from each of you. I appreciate and value our virtual community and just wanted to say thanks for your patience and wonderful support during this transition of mine.

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