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I love long-arm quilting and absolutely have fun with it!  I mean, seriously, no one told me when I received my first box of crayons as a child, I'd grow up and be able to draw and design on fabric.  I have found quilting to be my "happiness" muse as I transition into being an empty-nester and grandparent. (How does time pass so quickly?) 

I specialize in Edge to Edge computer guided quilting designs. 


Contact me here:
Email me at: vworksofheart@gmail.com with your requests.

Here’s a bit of Pricing Info:
 I charge $.02 per square inch for the designs (pantograph) from edge to edge.
 *Rate formula:  LxW = your Square Inch Total  x .02 = your cost for the quilting

Batting: I usually purchase Warm and Natural batting at discount and pass the savings onto you. This saves you the cost of shipping it as well (Example: Twin Size batting is $17.00.) You may supply your own batting but do know some extra lofty poly batts do not fit in my machine.  
Design: : I specialize in edge to edge pantographs and offer an extensive pattern selection to choose from. Please feel free to email me at: vworksofheart@gmail.com with inquiries.  See samples of my work below.
Turnaround:  ONE TO TWO WEEKS.

EnvironmentSmoke-free, cat free, with only two Jack Russell Terriors

FYI: A word about shipping:  The cheapest way I've found to ship a quilt is thru the Flat Rate Boxes at the post office.  (Wrap your quilt in a plastic garbage bag so it will slide in the box nice and easy!)  Your quilt is automatically insured and the large flat rate box ships for around $18 and the medium one around $13.  Twin, lap and baby quilts easily fit into these size boxes. A queen/king, may require a bit more, but many people ship their quilts this way. Remember, return shipping is free.

I offer an extensive selection of  pantograph designs to choose from. Here's a peek at some quilts I've done: 

The hot air balloon pantograph was used to enhance the hot air balloon fabric. 
I quilted using a variegated thread to highlight the bright primary colors.

This one is called: Loopy Stars

Flowers For Lynda highlight a flannel baby quilt:

This one is called: Caribbean Flowers

This Daisy on a String pattern worked great with this applique quilt

This one is called: Playful Paisleys

I specialize in adding add personality and whimsical designs 

to children's quilts:


Haunted Houses, skeletons and swirling ghosts oh my!

Bunnies, crickets and butterflies too!

Crazy Critters added a playful feel to this quilt.

I used  a variegated, rainbow thread. Here's an up-close peek:

And let's not forget about Sock Monkeys...

...and pirates!

Contact me here:
Email me at: vworksofheart@gmail.com with your requests.

I'll treat your quilt as the "work of heart" it is.


  1. What fab quilting, I love the bunnies, the butterflies, the jiminicrickets and the hotair balloon... really fun stuff.

  2. I am in love with the Halloween quilt pattern!

  3. That's my little girl Bal. Good job.

  4. Thanks Val, I am going to have some big Finishes this year,

  5. Customer Feedback:
    Good morning Valerie,

    On Sunday afternoon I finally got a chance to sew the binding to the baby quilt.
    I really got an up close view of your quilting.
    The quilting is fabulous. I especially love the teddy bears. I also love the little bitty quilting on the white and pink border fabric.

    Thank you!

  6. Hi Val, I wrote another "candid" machine quilting post and put a link to you and this page on it as you emailed me saying you would be willing to take in my edge to edge quilting customers. I just thought you would want to know. Thanks, Shannon with Modern Tradition Quilts

  7. Looks all so great Val!
    Wishing you loads of great customer quilts for the long arm!!
    Take care,


I have to admit, your comments make me smile! Thanks for sharing and for letting me know you stopped by. I Hope your day is awesome!


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