Saturday, May 31, 2014

May RSC: My Final Green Blocks

 Thanks for all the kind b-day wishes yesterday! It was such a fun day.
And today finds me wrapping up the month with my RSC pieces. I added frilly lace to the girls dresses and house. The lace looked so ugly in the scrap basket but so cute here:  
I continue to look forward to my one Saturday a month where a spend a few hours just making my girls and houses to add to my growing rainbow neighborhood! Before next month, I realized I need to move them all to a bigger design wall. I'll be sure to include a new neighborhood picture then.
Thanks once again to Angela for the challenge.
Oh! And I added June's Tuesday Archives themes to my side panel.
With Smiles,

Friday, May 30, 2014

A Layer Cake for my Birthday!

Whoop! Whoop! I get one more year in more forties! Yah!
Anyone who knows me, knows I love birthdays!
I'm starting my second graders day with cookies to celebrate and then we load a bus for a field trip to the city to learn  more about the water cycle and plants. Yes, call me crazy but admittedly, I love every minute of it! LOL!

 I managed to get this layer cake sewn into a 6x7 flimsy this week during my evenings!
All's I have to do is add the border and twist it like I did here.
I know this is a repeat gig...but hey, when it's a good thing that's what ya do! LOL!
This is actually going to be a gift to my parents. (I know your are peeking mom, as we're never good at keeping crafty secrets between us. SMILES!) In exactly one week from parents will be here, soon followed by my daughter and family. YAH! We can't wait! This quilt is being made to coordinate with the Underground Railroad I made for their motor home a few years back.
I know my dad will especially find the cozy, soft flannel hard to resist. 
Happy Friday  Everyone!
With smiles,

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

This week's WIP

A soft and cozy layer cake all lined up, awaiting for me to get home from work this afternoon. I'm working towards a Friday Finish of having all seven rows sewn together.
I can't wait to sew this afternoon!
Quick reminder:
This week's linky is: Color Wheels, Crafty Projects & Crazy Quilts. Click here, to fast track yourself to the linky, as it's still open. There's many cool links to check out and perhaps you'll find something in your own archives to link up as well. Anyhoo...I'm off to work. Have a great day!
With Smiles,

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Tuesday Archives #13: Color Wheels, Crafty Projects, & Crazy Quilts


This is the linky party the let's you rejuvenate old quilting post! We're having fun!
If you are new to our linky, click here for details.
Val's Quilting Studio


Thank you ahead of time to Vicki and Thearica. Be sure to grab yourselves a button!

Val's Quilting Studio


My mom had so much fun making Quilt Magic wall hangings a few years back. I requested a color wheel for my studio and she happily made it for me. It hangs right where I can see it and am able to quickly reference, especially when choosing colors for a quilt. (Thanks mom!) Do you use a color wheel? Have you made a mini wall hanging quilt that's a color wheel? Please do share.


Admittedly, I am not a crafty sewer, but never the less, I still appreciate and enjoy the variety of work you guys create! I mean did you guys see these Teeny Tiny Zipper Pouches by Vicki at A Quilter's Mission  this week!  They are SMALLER than a cell phone! Really! For this linky, crafty to me is defined as anything that is not a feel welcome to share any and all your sewing creations.
Serious...I think these are just so stinking cute: 


I don't know how popular Crazy Quilts are, but every time I see one, I get lost in them and imagine myself making one! (It could be that ol' sentimental scrapbooker in me.) To see some truly inspiring work, click over to Thearica at Pig Tales and Quilt and you'll know what I mean. (Please do link us to your supply website and spring challenge too Thearica.

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Embroidered Quilt Top FInish

 As I showed here, a friend asked me to quilt this beautiful embroidered top. She had no request and custom work on this, I admittedly, am too inexperienced to attempt.

Taking pictures of this one proved to be difficult. I didn't want to take it outside, because it's all white and not mine. (smiles) The pictures don't do it justice...but I do know it's truly going to beautify any room it ends up it.

I'm pleased with the all over design of ivy and little birds. Ivy is always a wonderful accent to my own rose gardens and well, who can resist a little bird amongst a garden of roses. 
With smiles,

Wool Stitching & Weekend To-Do's (updated)

Sometimes I'm finding that the simplest stitch can sometime have the greatest impact.
Like the use of a running stitch along a flower stem.
I mastered the Palestrina Knot and like the dimension a little knot adds to a blanket stitch. Now what to do on that flower??? Any ideas??? It's relaxing having a little sampler to work on as the evenings get nicer and we can sit outside more.

Speaking of nice...I have a long weekend off from teaching and the hubby is working.
So, because my blog is also like a personal journal, I am going to include my "To-Do" list for the rest of the weekend. (Plus I love making lists and the crossing things off.)
Bam! Got everything marked off  my list just in time to relax, have dinner and stitch & watch a movie tonight. I have the layer cake all ready to go and it will be my next WIP. Updated: 5/26/14. Now if my poor husband would get home from his 8 to 8 shift. (poor guy and he never complains!)


  1. Make green house and girls for May RSC challenge.
  2. Prep Happy Chemo Quilt to mail
  3. Sew flannel layer cake together/Post
  4. "Twist" flannel layer cake/Post
  5. Finish quilting Embroidered Top/Post
  6. Finish Wool BOM
  7. Prepare Tuesday Archive Post: Crazy Quilts, Crafty Projects and Color Wheels
  8. Enjoy Lifetime movies on in the background as I sew

  1. Write my old college friend
  2. Mail a graduation card
  3. Bake Bran Muffins
  4. Morning dog walks (2 of 2 done!)
  5. 3 mile walk
  6. Buy new insoles for my walking shoes
  7. Order Calendars & Life is Good T-shirts (Mom I haven't!)
  8. Catch up on all your blogs and see what everyone is up to.

  1. Mow
  2. Clean bathrooms
  3. Finish Laundry (as finished as laundry gets anyways)
  4. Quick dust 
  5. Vacume 

Taking a moment to pause and be grateful this Memorial Day Weekend.
With smiles,

Thursday, May 22, 2014

ALYofF May Classroom Animal Quilt FInish

As I proclaimed  here,  I set out to make a animal quilt with my second grade class.
You know how the saying goes: "Many hands make light work!" My second graders were so excited and so amazed to see "their" quilt finished. They were very inquiring about "how I did this" and I was impressed at all the details they noticed:

They noticed all the animals in the Little Critter pantograph I used: 

They thought the swinging monkeys on the back were funny and liked the orange and red polka dot "trim" as they called it! (I used fabric markers with the kids and created a tutorial here  if you want to see the step by step process of our creation.)
Some of the other teachers recommended I enter this in our upcoming County Fair! (What a nice compliment!) I think I will. So today I'm off to school with plans to take a picture of each child with their square. I'll get them each made into a magnet like my blogging friend Jane has previously suggested. I'll be sure to include a note home encouraging them to visit the fair this summer to see their quilt entered! (Keeping my fingers crossed that  I'll be able to include a class picture with the entry!)

But, I do have to admit, what makes my heart smile the most, is that I've already noticed how it will be loving used for many years to come!
 Thanks for all your blogging support and helpful comments through my process of making this quilt with the kids. You guys are the very best!
With smiles,

Linked up with ALYofF and many others listed on my linky page. Do stop by and check out the wonderful work of so many.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Tuesday Archives #12: Chevron & Christmas Quilts

Val's Quilting Studio

This week is all about CHEVRON (ZIG-ZAG) & CHRISTMAS Quilts!


I made my very first chevron quilt this past March. I'll be sure to link up my post. I Can't wait to see wait to see what you all have to share for finishes and/or tutorials. (As I 'm realizing there is more than one way to make a chevron quilt!)


Hey! We can all use a little Christmas inspiration right before summer!! LOL!! I found Kathi's Christmas quilt and thought WOW!!! You can check out her entire Christmas project right here. 
Kathi grab yourself a highlighted button:
Val's Quilting Studio

Sunday, May 18, 2014

An Embroidered Quilt Top

Can you believe the hand work put into this quilt top? Isn't it just stunning! I CAN NOT take any credit for this. It's a commission top I'll be quilting this week, but was grateful it's owner gave me permission to share her beautiful work with you here on my blog.

Here's a few close-ups of her stitching:

Hope you're getting in some kind of stitching, sewing, or quilting this Sunday too.
Feels good to be "playing" in my studio after a long work week.
With Smiles!

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Fun Run!

I love Saturdays especially during the Spring. Today we headed out early for my elementary school's Second Annual "Run with a Cop""and "Catch the Teach"  Fun Run!! 
The more serious runners were busy with the 5K, but my husband ran/walked with a bunch of little ones for their mile run/walk. I laughed when he commented: "Those kids talked the whole time! How do you stand it all day!" LOL!! Meanwhile, I was busy walking as fast as I could...unfortunately, all my students enthusiastically "caught up" with and passed me! They were all patiently waiting for me at the finish line with hugs and in anticipation of their promised Popsicle if they beat me!

Here's a pic of me with my cooperating teacher & our "quick" second graders that showed up for the event. (Sorry for the blurry pic...race days are like that!)  
More good news, you'll notice my cooperating teacher is just a few years older than my own children. Well, he and his wife are expecting their first baby in December!! I'm already thinking: receiving blankets, quilts, burp rags. I'm so happy for them. Thanks for stopping by! Tomorrow I'll be working on the most beautiful embroidered top I've been commissioned to quilt. I'll be sure to check in and share my progress..
With smiles!

Thursday, May 15, 2014

May Happy Mail

My monthly fat quarters have arrived and they are as cute as a ladybug!

Serious!! I LOVE RED!
On a totally different note: I have met NONE of my quilting goals this week. 
I was going to do the Blogger Festival....not.
I was going to get my Classroom Quilt finished and posted for a Friday Finish....not.
But, you know what I told myself: "It's OKAY!!!"
Right now, in this chapter of my life, I'm learning how to relax and slow down without feeling guilty. Ya ever feel like you actually have to learn how to enjoy slowing down? LOL!

But, that's how May is in a teacher's life...a lot going on to wrap up a school year and sometimes, I have to give myself permission to breathe and relax.  I'm also a lead teacher for summer school, so in counter balance, I am busy getting ready for that too. I love my work. But, seriously, by the time I get home right now, I am done. I can't imagine being inside anymore. I enjoy a walk, dinner, a glass (or two) of wine. The evening is wrapped up with me wool stitching, a cup of tea at my side, watching a few of our favorite TV shows. I am to bed early.

I know I'm just missing my time in the studio and starting to look forward Summer Break...the most rejuvenating time of my life!!! Okay, I'm kinda chatty this post. (LOL!) BUT! I do foresee some quilting posts this weekend. YAH!!! (As my husband's schedule is crazier than mine right now...which means more quilting time as I fill the void of our schedules being out of whack.)

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Tuesday Archives #11: Charm Pack & Chicken Quilts


This is the linky party the let's you rejuvenate old quilting post!!! We're having fun!
If you are new to our linky, read here for details.
Val's Quilting Studio

This week is all about Quilts made from CHARM PACKS and well, ones that feature CHICKENS! (LOL! It's a "C" and I thought some of ya may have a few quilts with chickens in them.)


What are we to do with all those charm packs we seem to accumulate?? One sure did come in handy when my oldest daughter wanted me to teach her how to make her first quilt back in 2012. Sewing a charm pack together was the perfect way for her to learn that 1/4" seam and how to "nest" those rows. 

I quilted it on my long-arm using a Caribbean Flowers pantograph.

We laughed, as even though she tried to "keep it random", she still ended up with some blues and purples smack dab next to each other. (Oh well!)  This ended up being a nice 55"x70" throw quilt. She did a good job don't ya think!


Okay, truth be told, I searched through all my archives, folders of quilts made and this is the ONLY chicken I could find amongst them all. LOL!! Yep! It's the life- cycle of a chicken as illustrated by one of my second graders on my current Classroom Animal Quilt project I'm working on finishing this week.  I have a feeling you guys will have much better "chicken" themed items than I! (Although I do admit this one is awfully cute!!)

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Happy Mother's Day!

Wishing everyone quilty hugs this Mother's Day! 
(Our girls)

(Love your two.)
With Smiles,

Friday, May 9, 2014

Classroom Animal Quilt Top Sewn

Of course I was not without the company of Jackson as I played around taking pictures of my Classroom Animal Quilt flimsy. In-between throws of the tennis ball, the wind and efforts made trying to beat the incoming rain, I finally got it hung.

He paused long enough in his game of ball to be included in the picture.

It measures 50 inches square and will be the perfect classroom cuddle quilt. My goal is to get this quilted and binding on, for another Friday finish next week. I can't wait for the kids to see it! I'm going to have to set a timer to ensure they all get their "fair" amount of time using it during our May Marathon of Reading. 
With smiles,

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Spring Pinwheel Quilt

I made this quilt last May (2013/before I started blogging) and wanted to get it documented here on my blog. I call it Spring Pinwheels. This is  my very favorite fat quarter pattern. This lap size, takes 12 fat quarters and can literally be made in a weekend! I quilted it with a butterfly pantograph .
And I found the perfect butterfly print for the back. (It's kinda hard to see the print.)

I made it for my very favorite Aunt Carlene as an I Love You/Thank You gift. She came all the way to Oregon  from Michigan for our oldest daughter's wedding.
We were all so happy to have her here!  
Me, my mom & Aunt Carlene.
Nothing like sending one of your favorite people home with a quilty hug!!
With smiles,
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