Saturday, March 28, 2020

Slow Blogging....

Ugh! I'm such a "slow blogger" these days and can't seem to find my ol' blogging "mojo".
 In reflection, hubs and I are busy enjoying our empty nest, even during a pandemic,
life seems to keep busy...although we really miss eating out once a week.

As a teacher, working from home has been very odd. It's hard to believe sometimes the reality of this Corona Virus Pandemic. Luckily, I have found my hand stitching to be a great comfort during my numerous Zoom Meetings each day as know one can see what I'm doing! LOL!

Anyhoo, that doesn't leave me with anything crafty to really share with you here on the ol' blog. But!
If you are new to my blog, I welcome you to take a look around by clicking on my tabs at the top of the page and my post labels at the bottom of the page. With seven years of quilting documented here...there's plenty of inspiration to be found and friends to meet by following the blog links on my sidebar. 
As always...
With SMILES! Val
air hugs

Friday, March 27, 2020

Taking Time to Smell the Flowers

 Our daily walks help get us out during his time of "social isolation".
They help me process all the changes that seem to happen daily
 and ensure we get in our daily "steps" too.
Witnessing the coming of Spring seems to give me a little bit of hope too.
Be intentional to get your daily dose of sunshine and fresh helps!
With SMILES! Val
keep your distance

Tuesday, March 24, 2020

When Life Gives us Lemons....

Each morning....

...and throughout the afternoons....
I'm feeding my body with the:
Image result for benefits of lemons

When Life Give Us Lemons...

...take control of the things we can! Green tea with a twist of lemon has always been an afternoon treat...but I've been remotivated to get back to my daily juicing routine too. It feels good to be feeding my body with nutrients that will build my immune system. Along with being intentional about what I put in my body, I'm also boosting my immune system by reducing the stress of the Coronavirues impact on our daily life by limiting how much we actually watch the Covid19-News...enjoying some creative stitching when we do decide to watch.(Smiles!)
Soooo... do you find yourself being a little bit more intentional during these uncertain time to nourish your mind and body?  If so, do share in the comments how. Oh! And check this out! I recycled my lemon mesh bag as a new thread catcher for the birds:
 Hoping it attracts some new birds this Spring.
With SMILES! Val
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Sunday, March 22, 2020

Checking in....

A New Way of Wine Tasting....I Guess. 

A week ago, our Sunday Wine Tasting included a drive in the country....
 ...which led us to a secluded vineyard tucked between the Idaho mountains.
We enjoyed  sampling a delicious variety of cheeses and wines.

Now I'm contemplating if this is what our next excursion may look like!  
(The closet and bathroom literally crack me up!! 
But I guess if I had kids at home I maaayyy have done this??? LOL!!!)

I started "Spring Break" from school this weekend, after, like so many of you I'm sure, a week of drastic change in lifestyle and routines. Spending time working from home in virtual conference rooms like this felt WEIRD!!!   
We as educational leaders in our community are committed to creating a plan to provide our students and families with consistent educational routines and support during what is swiftly becoming a new normal of isolation. The enormity of our social situation and it's impacts on not only our students education, but the role we we continue to play as community leaders is quickly changing. I joked in conversation to my mom, that  when I finally do return to work, it will feel more like a worker for the Red Cross as we may be called upon by the Govoner to for example, provide childcare resources for our first responders. Either way, I'm all in. I think it's important we ban together with grace and love as we all start to navigate this new normal. 

But! Social Distancing...Doesn't Mean Isolation.

It just means new ways of  doing what we love to do...and some of the new habits I'm thinking could be to our advantage! For example, below is a copy of the new "health and safety" guidelines sent out from our local golf course. Bullet number two: "All cups will be raised 1 inch above the ground." I'm thinking is THIS could be a huge advantage to my short game, as now when we putt we only need to "hit the cup" and not get the damn ball exactly "in the hole".  I'm seriously thinking: "Sweet!" (Mom, you'll have to share these with Dad!)
So this afternoon WILL find us getting some fresh air, sunshine and exercise...on the golf course!
With a low immune system, I'm of course taking many precautions to keep myself healthy and safe. But I can not live indoors in complete isolation, as I especially love being outdoors! 
So I hope you'll stop by the ol' blog here knowing I'll be posting more often.  I'll share ways you too CAN take good care of yourself  in hopes to inspire you to create a healthy life for yourself  during a time that you may be feeling like you have no control at all and isolation is real. 
With SMILES! Val
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