Tuesday, March 24, 2020

When Life Gives us Lemons....

Each morning....

...and throughout the afternoons....
I'm feeding my body with the:
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When Life Give Us Lemons...

...take control of the things we can! Green tea with a twist of lemon has always been an afternoon treat...but I've been remotivated to get back to my daily juicing routine too. It feels good to be feeding my body with nutrients that will build my immune system. Along with being intentional about what I put in my body, I'm also boosting my immune system by reducing the stress of the Coronavirues impact on our daily life by limiting how much we actually watch the Covid19-News...enjoying some creative stitching when we do decide to watch.(Smiles!)
Soooo... do you find yourself being a little bit more intentional during these uncertain time to nourish your mind and body?  If so, do share in the comments how. Oh! And check this out! I recycled my lemon mesh bag as a new thread catcher for the birds:
 Hoping it attracts some new birds this Spring.
With SMILES! Val
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  1. Super cute Thread Catcher for the birds, Val!!

  2. I love the little graphic of you in the tea cup! I'm drinking lime and cranberry juice every day in my evening "cocktail." Just juices and soda water...fizzy and festive! I wish it was easier to get exercise here, though. The Bahamian Prime Minister put the country on 24 hour curfew and it is unclear whether we're allowed, as visitors, to walk for exercise. But we're allowed to walk to groceries, so maybe I'll just have to buy one lime per day :)

  3. Awesome ideas and thoughts. The TV, internet, the constant negative bombardment is so wearing. Shut it off, down, and do something relaxing and positive.

  4. I'm with you, limiting the news and concentrating on other things. I did a deep clean of the kitchen yesterday, running the cleaning cycle on the oven too. Today is more sewing, and maybe by the end of the week I can dig in the dirt a bit.


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