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My 20 in 2020

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I've been reading about the value of intentional living and have begun to discover what happiness and success mean to me. The heavy weights I've been carrying on my shoulders finally dissolving as I find myself free of so many physical, emotional and financial obligations. I used 2019 as a year dedicated to emotional healing and mindful decluttering. 2019 was a major turning point for us as a couple and in the process, I began to learn what I want and need to feel joy in this middle age chapter of my life. It became empowered  as I let go of  the clutter from our past and refreshing to see life through a new set of eyes. I am grateful on so many levels. 
As you write your New Year's list I challenge you to ask yourself:
Why am I doing this?
Who am I doing this for?
How will this add value to my life?
What will bring you joy?
I'm literally amazed at how having LESS has been a huge part of finding personal joy.
With that said....
My WHY: To embrace the financially free, simplified life style we have created for ourselves. I want to embrace the fact I have more time to practice self-care and enjoy creative outlets.
My WHO: First for myself. I've never put myself first, and often found myself overwhelmed with the emotions of all those I love, yet where most often situations I could not control  Second, for my husband. He is my rock. And finally, it has been my goal to stay fit and healthy enough so I will always keep up with my grand kids. 
How will this add VALUE to my life? I've always done everything by the "book" and this often leaves me feeling unfulfilled. This past year provided my husband and I the opportunity to "wake up" and see our life through fresh eyes. These are my goals and priorities that I will be working towards in this new season of my life as I find myself literally shifting gears living a simple, intentional life for myself and my husband.
These are the things that bring me joy:
1. An exquisite back-country gig. DONE! See HERE.
2. A live concert in Vegas!
3. Travel to Seattle. (Somewhere hubby has always wanted to vacation.)
4. Sit on the veranda of a friend and watch fireflies for the first time.
5. Black Tie event. (Can't remember the last time we really dressed up.
 We probably wouldn't recognize ourselves. LOL!) DONE! See HERE.
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1.  Cherish the wonderful people in my life: hubby, parents and grands.
2. Exercise: First: Keep on walking! This includes my 10 minute AM dog walk each weekday morning and  two-three mile park walk after work 5 days a week. Second: Keep the joints oiled! I bought an elliptical  and this thing is kicking my butt! I bought it with the intention to keep in shape during the winter for golf...but OMG! Finding myself on the verge of is so hard!!! Sooooo with that goal is 5 minutes each weekday morning, gradually increasing to presentable gains by February!!!! ARG!!!
3. Keep a Traveler's Notebook
4. Get crafty again!!
MONTHLY: (This is times 12)
Continue my monthly personal health  21 day challenges....each continuing into the next month.  
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Sooo for example, in December I did not participate in ANY treats or pot lucks at school. That may sound like not a big deal...but literally the teacher's lounge was FULL of every and all holiday treat for two weeks straight! For me, it was just easier to avoid than indulge. 
An intentional focus on continuing my daily 2-3 mile walks 
and implementing the weekday morning elliptical routine.
Continue my  10*10*40 exercise routine. Eat well.
Wellllll this was unexpected!
Hello!!! Pandemic!
COVID-19 | South Kingstown, RI
The virus that shut down the world!!! Literally!
March and April found most of the World coming to a screeching stand still! !
All of sudden we found ourselves "sheltering-in-place", working, schooling and confined to home.
If you do go out for "essentials" one must practice social distancing and wear face masks.
COVID-19 situation reports
The world begins to reopen in four long, thought-out stages.
During a time that everything seems unpredictable and out of control, I find myself wanting to create some kind of structure and routine to my days. With three months of HOME and isolation my forecast "life" right now, between my more than I care for daily ZOOM meetings, checking emails and work phone conversation....
I have found solitude in my hand stitching especially.
With that said, by the end of my "quarantine" I'd like to accomplish these three WIP:

 Two of these are wool stitching projects and the other will end up being a winter quilt for our bed.
Funny, as I set out to begin this year, I wanted to be intentional to be at peace. And during this COVID-19, I find this even more important. Intentional living is the way to bring increased blessings into your life. Creating this list does that for me. Wishing you the power to BE AT PEACE each moment and in every circumstance...
...especially during a pandemic. 
With SMILES! Val
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