Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Tuesday Archives #150: Thread

Welcome to the linky party that rejuvenates your old quilting/sewing posts! 
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This week's theme is: THREAD

Welcome! Well, if  you are familiar with my organizing methods, 
you already know I organize my fabrics my color.
The same rule applies to my threads.
This week I'll share a peek into my studio to share how I store my variety of threads:
(But please do feel free to share ANY posts about thread this week.)

Long-Arm Spool Storage:
We found this shelf in a thrift store years ago. 
Note: They are displayed out of direct light.

Applique Thread: 

I pre-round all these bobbins from my spools of cotton thread. 
These little cases are so much easiter to keep in my applique tote.
I still need to get some bobbin covers as 
I always have strands of  thread handing out. 

Perle Cotton for wool projects:

I use an embroidery case for these.
As highlighted here: Perle Cotton Storage
And finally....

Thread for Piecing:

I'm kinda boring here, and keep in a nearby jar, white, black or a light lavender thread.
My go-to thread has always be Master Piece from Superior Threads, but a bloggy friend sent me some Aurifil thread to try and I truly noticed a wonderful difference in my stitch! 

Val's Quilting Studio

Monday, February 27, 2017

Feb. OMG: No Valentine Quilt

And here my Valentine Quilt sits....awaiting it's turn at the sewing machine.
I have no idea why really, except for the simple fact February seemed to have zoomed by right before my eyes. My husband teases it's due to the fact I've had to get use to working again since our unforeseen January series of snow storms. (Even this morning's inch of snow didn't phase us.)
Truth be told, I have been enjoying the day by day flow of my life. My daily workouts, reading and watching movies as I stitch the binding of a quilt I finished almost three years ago! 
I've truly felt calm and as if I've been truly just carrying on, peaceful in my own shoes.
Life is good.
Please do stop by tomorrow and share your posts about: THREAD
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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Tuesday Archives #149: Reading

Welcome to the linky party that rejuvenates your old quilting/sewing posts! 
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This week's theme is: READING

Oh my...I've had one of those days where I kinda forgot what day of the week it is! LOL!! Anyhooo....this week's Tuesday Archives theme is reading. I know, not a quilty theme, but never-the-less, a past-time I notice many of us quilters do enjoy. I usually read in the summer as I always get so caught up in a book and end up staying up way too late reading!
But last Friday temptation got the best of me as I found myself enjoying our beautiful weather by strolling through our downtown shops: A "vintage" shop going out of business, "country collectibles", and yes, the used book store...in which I almost immediately found a good read. I then treated myself to a few hours at our favorite coffee shop downtown. I relaxed  with a yogurt lunch, some green tea and let myself get lost in the beginning of a new story. (Of which is almost done!)

I enjoy the Elm Creek Quilts novels by Jennifer Chiaverini. Lucky me, my mom keeps me well stocked. (THANK YOU MOM!) But in-between, I like a new read. I got hooked on this series below after Carole's blog post.  (I'm off to the public library soon to check out the last one of the series!) Sachitano

Bernie over at Needle and Foot  came up with the most creative idea and started a Fabric and Fiction book share. I got in on the Winter Book Share and am looking forward to my turn. 
Click HERE to read all about her cool happy mail/quilters book club of sorts.

And I know many of you also post your "current" read on your sidebars too. (Cause I'm always looking) So this week guys, really, feel free to create a new post with your favorite recommendations and/or rejuvenate your already published book/reading posts.  I'll leave the linky open till next Monday but know this week's linky theme is open to anything that has to do with reading. Enjoy!

Val's Quilting Studio

Monday, February 20, 2017

Some Quilting and Sewing...

 So I've spent a large portion of my long weekend off from teaching right here: 

 I've been quilting.

I used this "Square Dance" pantograph to...

 ...quilt this top for Nancy who commissioned me to do this for her. She blogs at PugMom Quilts. 
This one is for her nephew and I absolutely love how it's turning out!

 I've been sewing. 

 I finally started my Feb. One Monthly Goal. About now I'm thinking it was a little over optimistic of to think I could sew a queen size quilt top together in one month...as, seriously,  I should know better! I mean I ALWAYS have more than one project going on at the same time...what was I thinking! I do love all these prints though and find the fat quarter friendly pattern I'm using quick and fun! I'm  spending the rest of the afternoon sewing a few of these rows together and will look forward to sharing a little bit more of this project with you later this week. (Who knows...maybe I'll even make my goal!)

And speaking of multiple projects...I also have my second step of Carole's Scrap Dance Two Step QAL all ready to sew together tomorrow after school. (LOL! Can you say squirrel!)

Anyhoo, we're hoping for a break in the weather, as an afternoon walk outside sure would be nice.  
Until then, that hum you may hear in the distance, is me just sewing along here as I use my sewing to beat the Wintertime Blues with a cozy sew day at home with my buddy Jackson.
Thanks for stopping by.
I'd love to quilt for you too.
Click HERE to read the details.

Friday, February 17, 2017

Friday Night Sew-In!

We are gradually thawing out in our part of the world.
On the home front, we finally have our backyard sidewalk back: 

And now that the temperatures range from 21-41 degrees, the bunnies have been moved out of the basement and returned to their outdoor hutch. They are very happy!

Life is a little less overwhelming as the snow has gradually been melting and life is becoming normal again. We can see our streets and sidewalks and yes, there is light at the end of our winter of snow!

A school, the kids are able to play outside once again and we followed Valentines Day with a lesson on dental care...as after all, February is Children's Dental Health Month. I sent them eash home with  new toothbrush kits I got donated, as they in return promised to brush after eating all that candy. LOL!

And here I find myself with February almost over and not a stitch of sewing done.
 I have a four day weekend ahead, but with most of it being spent alone, as hubby has to work some long overtime shifts. (Poor guy!) So what's a girl to do? Well, I plan to ignore the water damage to my design wall and take advantage of some good sew time!
 (G-Gads! This has been added to a long list of Spring Cleans-ups from our harsh winter.)
UPDATED: Here's a fun list of quilty things I DID accomplish: 
1. Quilt a Commission Quilt 
2. "Two Step" as as I continue Carole's Scrap Mystery QAL
 3.Sew my Aqua RSC crayons 
4. And perhaps, BEGIN my February OMG!!(Ya think!)
5. Finally, as I sit her writing, I hear so many little birds singing me a morning tune,
so I'm totally going to give this "pinterest pin" a try:
bird love
I'm looking forward to, for the very first time, joining everyone else at this month's FNSI, hosted by Wendy over at Sugarlane Designs. It will be a good jump start to my long sewing weekend ahead.
Stay tuned and thanks for stopping by.
Click HERE to check out all our Valentine links this week. 
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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Tuesday Archives #148: Valentines Day!

Welcome to the linky party that rejuvenates your old quilting/sewing posts! 
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This week's theme is: VALENTINES DAY!

Happy Valentines Day!
Last year I shared how much I enjoy watching my second graders "get ready" for Valentines Day. I  always smile as I watch them joyfully fill each other's bags with secret notes and treats in anticipation of today. They continuously remind me how simple it is to spread a little kindness.

But as adults, Valentines is celebrated in many different forms. Perhaps it's how we decorate our house with tablerunners and little banners like my little one below. Or maybe it's in the gifts we give or in the chocolate we consume! (Just kidding. But my desk fills with LOTS of chocolate today. I secretly end up sharing it with the office staff and my husband's work.)

Or maybe you've actually made a Valentines Quilt like Nancy who blogs at PugMom Quilts. I quilted this one for her and loved this picture she sent to me of it on her bed with LarryPug.
Val's Quilting Studio

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Piggy Bank Challenge Mid-Point Check-in

How are ya doing??
I'm doing pretty good, but was impressed when my mom showed me her "pumpkin" full of change! (Talk about nostalgic...our girls and I made this coffee can pumpkin during our ol' Girl Scout days!)She's doing great and keeps it right on her desk and adds to it weekly.

Hubby found this cute little bank in the clearance isle today and knows our 
grand guy and I will have fun painting it during our Spring Break Grammy Camp.
Might as well get him in the habit of saving while he's young. (smiles!)
About 15 bloggers are participating. (Click here to check out the sign-up post.)
But! It's never to late to start saving and join in! Just comment below if you do.
I'm looking forward to your comments today to see how you're doing with the challenge and what you are dreaming of doing with new found cash this July?? Maybe I'll get some ideas!
This week's theme: Valentines!
Val's Quilting Studio

Thursday, February 9, 2017

A Knitted Surprise!

 I was greeted at my parent's house with this beautiful blanket my mom has been secretly knitting for me since before December! She made it to match a quilt in our guest bedroom, but until I get the quilts finished for our master bedroom, I'm going to enjoy it right here every day!
It's a cozy lap size measuring 45"x 85".
The greens and browns are so rich and I love the texture and edge of this blanket.
My mom knits blankets for me and I sew quilts for her. Each of our homes are filled with both...though I noticed hers more with quilts and mine more with blankets. (smiles) Hubby reminded me of the quilt I have started for our room...hhhmmmm....looks like I found my my March One Monthly Goal! Thanks for my new blanket mom. I love it!!!

Val's Quilting Studio
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