Sunday, February 12, 2017

Piggy Bank Challenge Mid-Point Check-in

How are ya doing??
I'm doing pretty good, but was impressed when my mom showed me her "pumpkin" full of change! (Talk about nostalgic...our girls and I made this coffee can pumpkin during our ol' Girl Scout days!)She's doing great and keeps it right on her desk and adds to it weekly.

Hubby found this cute little bank in the clearance isle today and knows our 
grand guy and I will have fun painting it during our Spring Break Grammy Camp.
Might as well get him in the habit of saving while he's young. (smiles!)
About 15 bloggers are participating. (Click here to check out the sign-up post.)
But! It's never to late to start saving and join in! Just comment below if you do.
I'm looking forward to your comments today to see how you're doing with the challenge and what you are dreaming of doing with new found cash this July?? Maybe I'll get some ideas!
This week's theme: Valentines!
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  1. I wanted to join in. I copied the button and found a piggy bank my daughter made me 30 years ago and have it sitting in the cupboard above my dryer. But I forgot to sign in on time in July.
    It is getting quite full but I am not finding quite as much loose change around the house. I guess I have been tucking it away. There are a few bills in there also.

  2. My 'bank' has been gone up and down and up and down. But it has been a great source of 'emergeny' money that meant the budget didn't get interrupted. It got so heavy with coins that I couldn't lift it any way. So my son spent an afternoon clearing out and wrapping all the quarters. He did some heavy house chores for me, so I gifted the quarters (he needed new tires).

  3. Oh no!!!!! I haven't done any. It all got used with us being out of work. That's been 11 months now. Then we moved as well. That's enough excuses. But I have just started work and hope to at least get something in it to count. Thanks for the reminder

  4. I am steadily adding to the collection and put all the cash I got for Christmas from various relatives in the pot as well I had to roll up some change already because my husband needed quarters for the car wash and i was surprised that we were over $100 already this year with the change needing to be rolled.

  5. Mine is growing at a steady rate. We stopped a lot of our normal practices that lead to getting change, so I started tossing paper money in at least once a month. But I just picked up the box I used and was quite surprised at how much change was in it. I'm hoping to get enough to have both my and my sister's sewing machines serviced this summer.

  6. Piggy feels quite heavy and I'm very hopeful of having a good amount to spend on fabric. I haven't been getting as much change recently so Piggy is looking a little hungry but he wont listen to my explanations of the value of the pound. I have a feeling he may get less change as the year goes on but I only put money in him if it really is spare cash so I'm hoping I wont have to take any out for any reason.

  7. This is a great idea, but our church has what they call a "noisy offering" where we put in our loose change. They use it for needs around the community. I find myself intentionally breaking bills just so I have money to put in on Sunday. Trying to figure out how to do both! Of course I need more money for fabric too.

  8. I didn't officially join in this year, I'm still collecting from 2 years ago. It's getting full, so I'll probably have to cash it out in soon. Not sure what I'll do with the savings at this point.


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