Sunday, May 25, 2014

Wool Stitching & Weekend To-Do's (updated)

Sometimes I'm finding that the simplest stitch can sometime have the greatest impact.
Like the use of a running stitch along a flower stem.
I mastered the Palestrina Knot and like the dimension a little knot adds to a blanket stitch. Now what to do on that flower??? Any ideas??? It's relaxing having a little sampler to work on as the evenings get nicer and we can sit outside more.

Speaking of nice...I have a long weekend off from teaching and the hubby is working.
So, because my blog is also like a personal journal, I am going to include my "To-Do" list for the rest of the weekend. (Plus I love making lists and the crossing things off.)
Bam! Got everything marked off  my list just in time to relax, have dinner and stitch & watch a movie tonight. I have the layer cake all ready to go and it will be my next WIP. Updated: 5/26/14. Now if my poor husband would get home from his 8 to 8 shift. (poor guy and he never complains!)


  1. Make green house and girls for May RSC challenge.
  2. Prep Happy Chemo Quilt to mail
  3. Sew flannel layer cake together/Post
  4. "Twist" flannel layer cake/Post
  5. Finish quilting Embroidered Top/Post
  6. Finish Wool BOM
  7. Prepare Tuesday Archive Post: Crazy Quilts, Crafty Projects and Color Wheels
  8. Enjoy Lifetime movies on in the background as I sew

  1. Write my old college friend
  2. Mail a graduation card
  3. Bake Bran Muffins
  4. Morning dog walks (2 of 2 done!)
  5. 3 mile walk
  6. Buy new insoles for my walking shoes
  7. Order Calendars & Life is Good T-shirts (Mom I haven't!)
  8. Catch up on all your blogs and see what everyone is up to.

  1. Mow
  2. Clean bathrooms
  3. Finish Laundry (as finished as laundry gets anyways)
  4. Quick dust 
  5. Vacume 

Taking a moment to pause and be grateful this Memorial Day Weekend.
With smiles,


  1. You are the ambitious sort! Congrats on finishing your Happy Chemo quilt.

  2. Wow... that's a long to-do list! Good luck crossing things off!
    And enjoy your stitching!

  3. Well...I did kinda putter around yesterday...LOL!!

  4. On your sewing To Do List, just wondering if there is any significance to the order. If so, why the embroidered quilt is not at the top of the list. Ha! Just giving you a hard time. Victoria

  5. Very active lady... and courageous, congratulations!

    1. I am active! LOL!! I think my mom has said that about me since I was a wee thing...always doing two things at once. Just a personality trait I guess.

  6. So things to cross off the list. I like the stitches you have added so far. No suggestions for the flower though. I'm sure whatever you add will be perfect.

  7. You have a long list of 'to do's'. Your stitching is so, so nice!

  8. That's quite the list! I didn't see " read a good book" on there!

    1. I have two on my bedstand awaiting summer break! One is called: Defending Jacob and the other is The Run Away Quilt from the Elm Creek Quilts novels by Jennifer Chiaverini

  9. LOL! I get like this when I have a long weekend and the hubby has to work. It's good to get it all down on "paper" and out of my head...if something doesn't get big deal...that's what tomorrow is for. I like to be productive.. the long walks are perfect in between all the sewing and cleaning and whatever else. smiles!

  10. Sounds like a wonderful weekend to me! ( Not the hubby working part but the getting so much done part!) i am definitely a list person as well...need to stay focused otherwise I would wander onto other projects!

  11. Just reading your list has made me tired. I think I better go have a rest :)


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