Thursday, May 1, 2014

May for Me Celebration!

I saw this linky at Marcia's Crafty Sewing & Quilting and Sharon's Vroomans Quilts and couldn't think of a better way to begin the month of May!Admittedly, May has been  "Mom's Merry Month"  for years around our house. I even received a text from my oldest daughter today exclaiming so. Mother's Day, my Birthday and the approaching end to another school year, one can always find me with an extra hop in my step right now. 
(Click picture to find out more and perhaps even join us!)
Marcia's crafty sewing & quilting
It's all about: taking time to play, putting time a side for you.

Quilting and blogging are truly my "play". But, for my ME time, I walk.
Yep! I walk a minimum of three miles a day. And here's how:

Three mornings a week  I start my day here: I put this baby on an incline of 10 and play a mile worth of Connect Four with myself on my I-pad. LOL!! Sometimes I read.

I then pack my lunch and themos full of coffee and I walk my half mile to work:

My only company being my own shadow...stretched out ahead of me...a little more anxious than I to get to work I sometimes think. But I love the feel of the crisp morning air on my cheeks. The sounds of the neighborhood awaking each day.
My mind gets going and feels awakened too.

Sometimes we meet up with a student who fills our quiet with joyful preteen chatter.

I walk home from work, another half mile added to my total.  My shadow more tired, traveling by my side now. This walk mentally transitions me from the work day to home.

And once I'm relaxed and changed, I bring Jackson for a walk through the neighborhood. This walk usually finds me daydreaming and wraps up mile number three.
So whether it be Winter...

 ...Spring, Summer...

 or Fall...we walk. And on non-treadmill mornings, this afternoon walk is longer.

It's three miles that makes for a much Happier Day physically and mentally! It's just one way I take care of me. I hope you'll join us and share how you incorporate play and set aside time for you. Wishing everyone a Happy May for Me!
With smiles,
Val and Jackson


  1. Before we moved to Dogwood Lane I walked to work every day. It was a 1 mile each way trip to the elementary school where I was office manager and since I needed to open the place up I had to be there early. It was a great way to start and end the work day.

  2. Very inspiring! I wish I could get this mindset and keep at it! I have to see it as a gift to myself instead of misery!

  3. When we get together, we might have to stroll & enjoy the surroundings. Can't wait to see you!!! Victoria

  4. What a great way to start and end your work day. Love it.

  5. Hi Val!
    Walking's great!
    Keep it up!
    Take care,

  6. Hi Val, Hi Jackson!
    Good for you two - out walking. Looks like your walk home picture shows you with cement blocks on you feet. Lol.

  7. awesome post-thanks for the inspiration-now that its turned cold again-can't get myself out there again-hoping tomorrow

  8. Lovely post and some ME exercise is always a plus. Now that I am more mobile, surely something I need to add.

  9. I enjoyed reading your post. I admire you for walking in whatever weather. I am a fair weather walker. Thank you for reminding me that I am important too.

  10. Thanks for sharing your daily routine. Sounds to me like your are doing well for yourself!

  11. Wow you really have it down to a science! You put me to shame. Good for you, great was to stay healthy. How cute to have a student see you and walk along.

  12. Thanks for sharing! Looks like you have fun walks - your shadow and your buddy! Love it! Sounds like fun! May for Me! YES!

  13. Three A Day is so much better than One A Day, lol! Awesome. Happy Birthday, and hope your school year ends smoothly.

  14. What a great "me" time story. I walk quite a bit too but not everyday. I love your shadow pics.

  15. I walk to work too! However work is on the other side of my door. Our business is connected to our home, but I do walk (actually today was beautiful!). And Jackson (Mr. Cutie) looks like he enjoys it just as much! Thanks for sharing!

  16. Good for you! And Jackson, too! Great way to keep fit and healthy and happy!

  17. It's very cool how you walk in all weather. I try to run 2-3 times a week year round, but I definitely do my winter runs inside where it's warm! Cute puppy.

  18. Great inspiration. I'm trying to do more walking as well.

  19. Thanks for sharing how you build your walking time into your day.

  20. Man, I haven't checked your blog in a long time but I LOVE this post! <3


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