Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Tuesday Archives #9: Boys & BOM

Welcome to the linky party that rejuvenates your old quilting/sewing posts! 
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Val's Quilting Studio

This week is all about BOYS and BOM...whether they are a work in progress or finished BOM quilts...please do share! 


 If you are a follower, you know I became a new grandma this past October. This little guy is the first "boy" in our family. I'll add my links to the few quilts I've made for him so far, but know I'm looking forward to all your "boy" posts. I can use all the inspiration you have to share! (I'm use to pink and purple!) Soo, a big thanks to ya ahead of time.

BOM (WIP and/or finished)

This, Underground Railroad Sampler, is my first and only BOM...so far!
It was the second quilt I made. In 2009, I jumped into a Monday BOM night class with a wonderful bunch of ladies, following my Intro to Quilting class and boy, am I grateful I did! I learned sooo much about the basics of quilting.

It's a queen size quilt made from the Kansas Trouble fabric line. I made it for my parents 50th Wedding Anniversary. My mom and I enjoyed picking out all the fabrics. It looks wonderful in their motor home and it makes my heart happy knowing that they have a little piece of my work with them where ever they go. 


  1. Val I LOVE the picture of you and your grandson! Congrats again. We are very blessed with a 3 and 5 split of grand daughters and grandsons. Such a joy. Thanks for the party this week! Karen

  2. You look so happy, Grandma! Picture perfect sweetness!

  3. What a beautiful picture with your grandson! Thanks for the today's party!

  4. What a cute little guy. You look too young to be grandma!

  5. So much to view today! The links will keep me out of trouble for a few days. Thanks.

  6. Cute baby, nice colors on the BOM. Some day I'll get to the link up on time. I totally forgot the older quilt last week for pieced borders! But it fits here, so you get to see it.


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