Saturday, October 16, 2021

Quilty Smiles!!!

I always cherish that moment the boys first see their new quilt!


And look at these smiles as they are all tucked in for their first night under a new quilty hug!

These are the moments I cherish!!

Happy Birthday boys!!
With smiles! V:)


  1. Looks like Grammies quilts were a big hit. Nice to hear from you again. Be well.

  2. It’s always good when they love their quilts. How is the long arm going.

  3. The smiles on their faces says it all! Happy boys....adorable quilts!

  4. Those smiles are precious and I am so glad you shared them with us! So glad they loved their quilts. Also glad you blogged to tell us about it! We miss you. K-

  5. Oh, aren't those grand-guys adorable!! Give Jackson a tummy rub so he doesn't feel left out. Tell him that his Auntie Carole sends one.

  6. That certainly makes it all worthwhile!!!

  7. Well at least they root for the right team! I'm a home grown gal from Washington State! Moved south of the border to OR a few years ago. But my siblings love to watch the games. great quilts for the little guys!

  8. They are growing up so fast. Handsome fellas!


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