Saturday, December 28, 2019

A Winter Hike with T.H.

This holiday season our daughter got engaged! We are beyond excited for her and her new fiance especially since it means we have inherited three more wonderful grands to love and spoil! God bless them as they create their blended family with FIVE boys in the age range of two to ten. 

Thus, this weekend I picked up the oldest for his 1st weekend of "Grammy Camp".
(He can use a break from all the littles I'm sure.)

First thing we did was go on my favorite Table Rock Trail  hike in Boise.  It's a 3.7 mile hike of moderate difficulty. There are some very steep sections but also mellow parts to balance them out. 

Hiking through the quarry was beautiful with it's skiff of snow and once you reach the top, the city overlook is amazing! (Imagine his reaction we he found out we could have drove to the top!! LOL!)

I took in the views and found it rejuvenating to just watch a snow storm dust the mountain tops.

Meanwhile, my grand guy busied himself with adventuring amongst the graffiti underneath a slope. Having learned we both LOVE everything chocolate mint chip... 

.. we took this picture!  Which was then followed by a good discussion on our way down about how we both disagreed with so much graffiti in such a beautiful place and as Boy Scout, he actually came up with an innovative plan to remove it all. (SMILES!)

The hike down was a bit colder as the snow flurries caught up with us,
 but he never once complained, and we both equally enjoyed the hike. 
The rest of our weekend will find us hanging out at home. His main goal is to help me put together a my new computer. (How did ten years get so computer savy???) But he'll also hang out with Poppi and enjoy building, baking and cooking. Oh and he brought his "favorite" sweatshirt for me to mend!
Wishing everyone a great weekend.
With SMILES! Val


  1. "Oh and he brought a sweatshirt for me to mend!" Guess you have been accepted. :)

  2. I'm sure he appreciated a weekend away from the littles!!! That hike looks so wonderful. Spending time with the grands is an investment in memories for you both. Enjoy making those cookies and fixing the favorite sweatshirt!

  3. You're a cool Grammy, for sure! Looks like a great hike :)

  4. When you said FIVE boys, I instantly thought Grammy Camp was going to become much more interesting. How wonderful that you can provide each boy with individual attention as I'm sure that's part of your plan.

  5. I'm sure you all enjoyed the time together. Sounds like a lot of fun..

  6. What a wonderful bonding experience with your new granddude!

  7. That is fabulous news, Val. Wow, five boys; they will keep you on your toes. A new and wonderful adventure for you all. I am so happy for you.

  8. Congrats Val!! Five grandsons! That is so awesome. Your daughter is going to be one busy mama!

  9. Congratulations to your daughter. Instant grandson collection for you! That is very special.

  10. What an awesome day! How wonderful that the new blended family is working out so beautifully.

  11. Congrats to all in a new venture. WOw, a new hiking buddy and tech whiz!

  12. LOL, when you said you hiked there, I wondered why you just didn't drive! Hiking is better :) So nice to spend grandma time.

  13. Congratulations to everyone on the new extended family connections. Looks like a very fun adventure.


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