Sunday, June 24, 2018

Vintage Sewing Box

I bought this Vintage Sewing Box with the goal to have all my hand sewing together.
I wanted something that would also be portable for travel and stitching on the patio. 
I found it on Ebay in good condition, pre-owned. It's very solid and well built. 
It measures 16 1/2"x 8 1/4"wide and is 10" high. 

I love how it folds out into multiple compartments.
I plan to spend this afternoon going through and organizing my variety of hand stitching projects into this fun little sewing box. I feel like a kid in a candy store just being able to ""play with all my fabrics and threads today. I'll be sure to share it all packed and ready to go next Sunday for our Sunday Stitching highlights. I'm linking up with everyone else at Kathy's Quilts.
Slow Sunday Stitching
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  1. That is a perfect sewing box for travel and / or keeping your hand-work organized. I look forward to seeing it filled.

    Hope you had a nice couple of golf days...welcome back!

  2. haha...I have one of those from way back, I guess it would be vintage!!

  3. Vintage? OMG I must be vintage now, too.
    My Mom gave me one for our 2nd anniversary. (Hubby got a dressing chair.)
    My sewing box is now 48 years with me... It has legs and a deeper bottom "drawer", and no nobs kind of opener than yours, but looks and works about the same. I keep notions in mine. Warm colored threads in one side and cool colors in the other side.
    Enjoy yours. I've loved mine for almost 1/2 century!

  4. Awesome! you will really enjoy this I inherited my Mom's that was her Moms but mine has legs-I used it for all of my beads now

  5. Gorgeous! I just bought a very similar one for my mom to give her for her birthday--I lined the drawers with scrapbooking paper and changes the knobs. You will love yours!

  6. Wow, this looks to be in great condition. How fun to sort through your projects and supplies as you organize your sewing box. Wonder what treasures you'll unearth.

  7. This is just the same as one I have which belonged to my husband's aunt.

  8. That's really cool! It's always fun to reorganize all the little bits and bobs from our hobby, isn't it? You get to touch and admire everything again :)

  9. I love sewing baskets like your new pretty. All those compartments just waiting for you to fill them. Have fun playing!

  10. I have a similar box on a rolling stand. Your's is in great condition! Have fun sewing!

  11. Sweet. I've thought about getting something like that too.

  12. I have the bigger version of this and it has legs on it. It now sits under the desk where my sewing machines sit and I have everything in it that I don't use for quilting, including all my Grandmother's sewing things. I also have my embroidery things in it as I love to do that as handwork. It is not very portable but it is great for putting other things on it!!! You found a great buy in it. Hugs, Susie xx

  13. What a lovely sewing box! i had the opportunity to get one a few months ago, but while I was debating, it was snatched up!! Hope you had fun filling it.

  14. Great buy 😍 I love vintage sewing boxes!

  15. Very pretty, but oh so practical. Looking forward to seeing it full of fun stuff.


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