Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Tuesday Archives #200: A Give-Away!

Hello! Hello! and Happy Tuesday Archives! 
The linky party that let's you rejuvinate OLD blogging posts.
Val's Quilting Studio
A little over four years ago, this linky party started.
 When I click back and review our first linky parties, I'm amazed at the variety of topics we have covered. You can check out all our past linky topics right HERE in our Tuesday Archives Directory.

I'm also reflective on how blogging and participation has changed over the years. Participation in our linky party has decreased immensely, mostly from what I have observed to be a parrallel decrease in people who have chosen to continue blogging. But ya know what, I love the opportunity to rejuvinate and visits our old blogging posts. I enjoy the community the few of us continue to maintain with eachother. So let's keep this linky going! 
Mark your calendars!
This week we celebrate our 200th linky party with three opportunities to win 
a $25.00 Gift Certificate to Fat Quarter Club.
1. Share our Tuesday Archives Button on your blog if you haven't already 
and give the ol' linky a "shout out" on your blog and invite your readers to join us.
Comment to let me know you've done so.
Val's Quilting Studio

2. Share YOUR blog's home page in today's linky party for a 2nd entry. 
Let today's linky gather our blogging community of friends and quilters.
If ya meet someone new, think about "following" their blog.
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3. Finally, for a third entry, come back and visit eachother's blogs this week 
and comment to let them know how they have inspired you. 

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The Give-Away will remain open until I announce the winnner at next week's Tuesday Archives!


  1. Yes, I am still blogging and hope others link up so I can visit~
    Thank you for hosting!

  2. Hi Val,
    I have enjoyed your old post revisits very much, and participated whenever I have a post on topic, but I also have noticed the linky garnering fewer participants. I think it's a natural thing. In the beginning you challenged us to come up with quilts we've all made... lately the subjects are more obscure... things very few of us can show off. (Know what I mean?) There have been times (recently) when I haven't anything to share that is "on topic". Maybe you just need to revisit the more general topics. I'll suggest the Rainbow Scrap Challenge, and "Fixes". I know a couple of those I've got pictures to share. LOL
    Keep up the good challenge.

    1. Thanks for "topic" suggestions. After four years of trying to come up with "new" topics I absolutely welcome all your input on NEW topics for our weekly linky. THANK YOU!!!

  3. Hi Val, Too true that lots of people have stopped blogging, especially my favourite ladies who blog, and it is such a shame but I understand that modern life has an impact on people's lives. I love blogging and connecting with people and learning about their day to day lives so I will continue.

    I have added the button to my blog and I will write a post about it tomorrow but I have linked today's post onto the site. I will also visit all who join the party.

    Hugs, Susie xx

  4. I shared about your Tuesday Link ups.

  5. Thanks for the giveaway chance, Val! I put your party link on every post I link up.

  6. Buttons has been up for some time. I really enjoy this even when I don't have the theme to share, I like to visit those that do.

  7. Done the link, the shout out on my blog now to visit others. Have a great day Val

  8. I would second the suggestion to "reuse" a few older topics, since I've only been participating for a year or so and would love to see what others have posted about a large variety of subjects!

    I'm hoping to blog tomorrow and I'll be sure to give the linkup a shout out when I do. We're eyeing a weather window that would allow us to take the boat directly from Palm Beach, FL to New York City. That's 6-7 days at sea, and out of internet range. So I gotta blog now or hold it for a week. That leads to Deadly Blog Buildup, LOL!

    Things that inspired me on some of the blogs I visited: Tami's flip flop quilt. SO stinkin' cute!
    Tanya's Postcards From Sweden. I know I have my own, but she did a great job using the original, solid fabrics and I love her turquoise binding!
    Rebecca's Jingle and Pineapple quilts blew my socks off! Wow!
    Crystal's Eye Spy fabrics...oo, I hope a get a batch of those :)

    I've got a few more to visit, so I'm off to do that now and leave comments for them. It's such a relief that we can respond to comments again, so that our quilty community stays connected :)

  9. I'm not a blogger, but I follow quite a few blogs. I know some people have given up blogging to go to Facebook (I'm not on Facebook), but there are still a lot of bloggers out there. I know because I spend too much time reading all the posts. I find blog hops are a good way to find new blogs to follow. Happy fourth anniversary.

  10. Done, done and done! Congratulations on an amazing achievement 😁

  11. Congrats on 4 years and 200 Tuesday Archives! I created a post on my home page for today. Yes, I am trying to enter the giveaway by each method.
    I am blogging less than I had. I noticed in the last 6 months that I have less people visiting. I know a great many people have moved to Instragram, but I don't find the depth there that I get reading a blog. I know I can't do all of those social media outlets--I just don'g have time--especially when I want to quilt! I don't always have enough time to read the blogs I like to follow.
    With that said, keep the Archives going and maybe we can all give you some extra themes.

  12. Hi Val, not entering but Congratulations on your 200th. link up party.
    I have been very saddened too over the last several years of those you no longer want to blog-many just want fast and impersonal such as like everything on facebook-sad
    good luck with your linky hugs

  13. I have noticed the decline in the number of people blogging or else the ones that I follow. It's fun to still see all the creations and rejoice with others in their creations. Not everyone who takes a peek at the blog takes the time to leave a comment. I try to comment when I even take a gander at the blog. However, sometimes I just don't know what to say. I'm trying to get to the point where I can blog about quilting (and probably knitting) and I want it to be positive, encouraging yet truthful about my roadblocks and how I solve those issues. Every time I do something, I always try to do a quick think as to what I learned, what went right, what went wrong, and what I would have done differently. Susan

  14. I have added your button to my sidebar and will include a shout out in my next post. :) I love looking back at older posts and seeing how my blog and projects have evolved over the years. Thanks for hosting the linky party. I feel as though I have developed some friendships with several of my followers and then blogger went and messed with the email notifications... I have managed to locate most of my readers email addresses and have continued staying in contact with them.

  15. followed everyone on the list that i didn't follow

  16. I've added your button to my sidebar of weekly linky parties to remind me to come and link each week. I think I've done so once or twice before. I linked my latest post which I put your button and a link on it, too. My blog is only 2 years old and have enjoyed getting to know lots of bloggers. I think we all have cycles in life where we get busy in one area and drop another. Hopefully, some of those bloggers will return. I do enjoy reading stories and the ups and downs of someone else's quilting journey. Thank you for providing an avenue (link up) that helps us bloggers find each other and connect.

  17. Wow, has it really been 4 years!

  18. Thanks for the opportunity to win, Val! I added your button to my sidebar of favorite links!

  19. I have been following your blog for a couple of years now and LOVE revisiting old posts. I have your button on my blog.
    Sometimes when I am looking for an old post for your weekly theme, I find myself lost in reading my own old posts and that inspires me. I have come a long way over the 4 years since I started blogging and cannot believe how much quilting I have accomplished, started, worked on and even completed a few.
    I second the idea to revisit themes from the past. When I am looking for an old post, I go to my posts and type in the search posts spot at the top right of the page and discover fascinating stuff I have written.
    And just for the record, I am getting emails now when someone comments on my blog. I hope everyone else is too.

  20. Some very interesting goodies to see. Always inspiring.


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