Saturday, June 2, 2018

June OMG: Bee Happy!

I want to continue to be intentional about using projects in my stash this year, so I'm tackling my  Lori Holt's Bee Happy! applique blocks this month as my OMG. I want to make some obvious progress in getting more of these blocks done.
I had purchased the kit with my last year's Piggy Bank Savings so I'd like to get it done before this year's Piggy Bank Challenge comes around again NEXT month already! 
(Savers mark your calendars for our linky coming July 6th.)
 I'm using the fuse applique method and machine stitching these with a blanket stitch, so they are fun and fast to finish. I only have 12 more blocks to make and think they'll be easy to get done during an afternoon movie on a hot summer afternoon.

 I have a whole list of projects I want to play with now that I'm on Summer break, including:
1. Make a summer tablecloth for our patio table.
2. Finish a family size Eye-Spy quilt that will be gifted in August.
3. I have two quilts that need the binding sewn.
4. I'd also like to get my Anni Downs BOM finished...I'm sooo close!

June will be fun filled month as I have Grammy Camp scheduled with my little buddy. I'm teaching an eight day Photo Journalism Discovery Camp to Middle Schoolers. This is going to be so fun as I'm going to introduce them to the world of blogging!! (Stay tuned) Annnndddd hubby and I have two weekend golf get-aways planned! (Yes! I accidentally became a golfer and LOVE it!!!! Really! My husband started so he could go golf with our son-in-law. One afternoon I said I'd go along and drive the cart as he got in a practice round. Well, before he was even done with the first hole I found myself out of the cart giving it a try! And guess what! I'm pretty good at it!! LOL!! )
With all that said, it looks like I'll have many fun posts to share this month. So stay tuned!


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  1. Your Summer sounds as if it is going to be fabulous, Val! Your Bee Happy quilt puts a smile on my oozes fun!

  2. Good luck with the Bee Happy! Mine is ready to be quilted--hopefully soon. Happy Summer!

  3. Hi Val, just wondering if you got my sign up email.

  4. Ooh, I LOVE that Lori Holt sampler that you're working on! Good for you, taking up a new hobby with your sweetie. It sounds like you have a wonderful summer ahead of you. Good luck with all of your endeavors, both with and without fabric!

  5. enjoy your summer-I am loving your quilt so far-great use of the saved piggy bank money-hugs

  6. I started golfing about three years ago and I enjoy it on a nice sunny day 😁 I'm so pleased you are on summer break I look forward to seeing your projects progress 😍

  7. Glad to see you are working on Bee Happy. I loved making my Bee Happy quilt and I blanket stitched mine too. Now I enjoy seeing it hanging up in the living room. Oh my hubby was a golfer his whole life. He was a scratch player and that was his business building and repairing golf clubs. He hasn't played in a few years now.

  8. Fun blocks. Thanks for linking up with Elm Street Quilts One Monthly Goal and good luck on your project!

  9. You have a lot of fun planned and I look forward to reading all about. The Bee Happy quilt is so cute and makes a great OMG project. Hit 'em straight :)

  10. I'm so glad to hear that you have such a fun summer planned! I liked golfing the first couple of times I tried it when my parents were learning. But then they got so much better because they could practice all the time and it wasn't fun to be dead last all the time :)

    How many middle school photogs/bloggers will there be? If you can share their blog addresses, I'd be happy to take a peek and leave some comments. After all, comments are the very best part!!

    louise dot hornor at gmail

  11. Hi Val. You sound charged and ready for a break from school as am I. I love your goals and hope you achieve them all.

  12. Bee Happy is so so so so happy and gorgeous! I am loving it!


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