Monday, June 4, 2018

Moving It Forward....

Aughhhhh.....hello Summer!
I'm sitting on our back patio, sipping my coffee, thinking of everyone else going to work.
I always find this first Monday of Summer to be rejuvenating.
I absorb the quiet. I adjust to not having a schedule to follow. (My husband calls this my "decompressing week") I'm grateful for the good school year had and the time off ahead.

I loose track of time and before I know it, it's 11:00pm and I almost have a quilt top made! This is the Eye-Spy quilt I'm making as a family gift for some friends that are having their third son in August. The boys are seven, four and newborn, so I thought an eye-spy they could all use would be fun.
Right now this one is a lap-size and I'm wondering if I should add a few rows to make it a twin size?
I'm thinking they could use it as a family or on one of the boy's beds?? Your thoughts? 

As I get my own 4 inch blocks ready for our swap, I'm cutting a 7 1/2" square from each fabric to alternate with the four patches I made from previous swap pieces. I like the variety.
Sometimes I think I should add sashing to break them up, but that thought quickly fads as I think of our own grand guy happily laying on top of his own Eye-Spy quilt playing the game with me.
Well, Happy Monday everyone! 
Don't forget to comment to leave your opinion: 
Should I make this one to be a lap size or twin size quilt?


Hey Guys! There's still a few openings left and what better way to collect 200/400 different Eye-Spy fabrics than by swapping with fellow blogger friends. Click HERE to read about our Eye Spy Swap and perhaps think about joining us.


  1. I have always loved larger quilts-a twin I think is more useful in different situations too than just a lap size quilt-

  2. If it's meant to be a shared quilt it might be better to do maybe 60 x 60. The trouble with making it twin size it that it will wind up on one child's bed and then not really be shared.
    Enjoy your summer off. I'm retired so every day is summer, except weather-wize of course.

  3. I think your eye spy quilt is adorable, but I vote for lap size or smaller. If it's small enough, this could be that special blanky that gets dragged away everywhere a toddler goes, used for nap time, living room forts, "tummy time" when he's still a baby... Bed quilts are too big for a little guy to drag around with him, and there's a good chance it wouldn't get used on a bed anyway because the parents often really enjoy decorating the bedrooms around a theme, with special colors or whatever.

  4. I generally think a twin size (or at least the length of a twin bed and the width to drape over both sides) is the most versatile and something that will be used for many years, but reading reading the other comments, I see their reasoning for smaller quilts.

    I guess it depends if you know how they'll use it. If you don't know, then I think bigger is better.

  5. I made my son a twin size I Spy quilt and while it is awesome, the downside is that a lot of fabrics don't get seen because they are on the overhang. In fact, my firetruck-obsessed child *just* realized there is a fire truck on the quilt because normally that side isn't visible. A smaller throw that is not on a bed is more likely to have all images seen.

  6. I think a twin sized quilt is a most excellent idea. It just means there is more of a quilt to hug you. =) Enjoy those 'lazy' Summer days of yours, Val.

  7. I love the larger size patches mixed in, and best without the sashing because being all together would make spying more fun. As to size, while small is nice to drag around, this wouldn't be for dragging but for looking more closely at to play, so bigger would allow more kids to play together! How about a small, colorful one, eye-spy or not, for the newborn, and a larger one for the rest of the family? I always like to give the older kids a gift to make them feel included with the new baby....

  8. Enjoy your summer break! Hope your mornings have been as pleasant as ours the last few days. The eye spy quilt is coming together quickly. Happy stitching!

  9. Alternating with 7.5" squares is a GREAT idea! As you know, I still have tons of novelty fabrics to use. So I think I'll "borrow" that idea :)

    Personally, I think smaller quilts are great for smaller people. I remember having a baby blanket and I just loved that it was exactly the right size for me. It's special to have something "just right," like Goldilocks!

  10. Eye spy quilts are SUCH nice gifts. Any size will be much appreciated, I'm sure. :)

  11. Happy SUMMER BREAK! Woooo we made it! 😊

  12. I was going to say what Miss Pat said! Lap size is good for sharing.


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