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Tuesday Archives #198: Quilt Care

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Happy Tuesday everyone! 
Happy Tuesday everyone. Soooo, I don't pre-wash my fabric. I have never had a problem with uneven fabric shrinkage or colors running. I do however, always use Shout Color Catchers with my first washes. The more the contrast in colors, like this red and black with white quilt pictured above, the more sheets I use. I'll use anywhere from 2-4 sheets depending on the quilt size and quilt colors.


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  1. I do not pre-wash my fabrics either, Val. And, I also use color catcherss. I look forward to seeing what others share.

  2. I don't pre wash & all my quilts get used, thrown on the floor, dragged around by the grandkids and then put in the washing machine on gentle wash, hung out to dry on a windy day. This brings them back to nice a fluffy and cuddly.

  3. Like you and Jo and Jeanna, I don't pre-wash. Very rarely I get a batch of musty fabric from an estate sale and then I think about tossing it in the wash. But I usually sit down until that feeling goes away, because prewashing is such a pain! All the threads get all tangled, ugh.

    I haven't written any blog posts about quilt care, since I give away 90% of mine. I wash 'em once then pack them off to their unknown destiny :) I'm looking forward to seeing what other folks link up, though.

  4. The sad thing is that even prewashing your fabric doesn't guarantee there isn't a bleeder in the mix! The first quilting book I ever read, Quilts! Quilts! Quilts!, recommended prewashing AND then putting a snip of each fabric to soak in a hot cup of water to see if any dye ran, and that sounded like WAY too much trouble to me... until I discovered a red fabric bleeding all over pieced and hand stitched applique blocks that I had spent literally hundreds of hours making... Now that extra step of checking for loose dye doesn't seem like such a waste of time to me anymore!

  5. Can’t emphasize enough how important it is to prewash your fabrics, especially batiks, and darker, or stronger, colours. The red and white Christmas quilt that I HAD to start on a Saturday night, without prewashing the fabric ,that bled when first washed, was all I needed to NEVER bring the fabric into the house before I washed it. Even fat quarters get hand washed in the sink, then dried in the dryer. Prevents so many problems later on. I clip a small corner off the fabric before washing, it seems to help on ravelling, an I would rather trim threads than having a quilt ruined from not prewashing the fabrics I use. A couple Colour Catchers collect the stray dye, and I reuse the sheets several times. Jill ib Calgary/Phoenix

  6. Even with pre-washing my fabrics, I've still had some reds run when the whole quilt is washed. So I use 4 or 5 of those sheets if the quilt has a lot of red in it. I found out the hard way that 1 or 2 isn't adequate for larger, darker quilts.

  7. Those reds give us all fits. But if you have a problem, see Vicki's post at Colorways by Vicki - Save My Bleeding Quilt for the Dawn soak method. https://www.colorwaysbyvicki.com/save-my-bleeding-quilt.html

  8. I don't pre-wash fabric either and use color catchers, but I did have a red run in a kid's quilt (I always use bright colors in my kid quilts). I used a modified version of Vicki's soak in Dawn treatment and successfully remove the offending bleed. Since I give away most of my quilts, I give some color catchers with the quilt and recommend them for the first few washes.

  9. I never pre wash either. I rarely have an issue with color bleeding but when I do, I safety pin the color catcher to the spot affected and it has always worked for me.


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