Sunday, February 10, 2019

A New Project!

I finally found a project that my ol' vintage sewing box is perfect for!
I joined Sue Spargo's Forest of Trees BOM this year and each compartment 
is just right to keep needed supplies on hand: 

 I also found the perfect little spot to set it all up so I can conveniently pin the next
 layer  of the piece and enjoy stitching each day after work for a bit. 
I haven't been sewing or quilting but am enjoying the peacefulness many of us find when hand sewing. Linking up with everyone else at Kathy's to celebrate and share. Happy Stitching!


  1. Nice set up Love the piece you are working on
    Happy weekend Kathy

  2. Cozy sewing nook! And I love seeing vintage sewing boxes in use.

  3. I must have missed the post about your vintage sewing box so I went and read that. GREAT find! I have seen these kinds of sewing boxes quite a bit in antique stores and I really should snatch the next one I see. They are so practical! I have been wanting to start a hand sewing project as well, not sure if I want to do embroidery, cross stitch, or applique. I hope you enjoy your "peaceful project"! :)

  4. That's a lovely spot to enjoy a little delight hand stitching, Val. Enjoy!

  5. What a perfect use of your vintage sewing box!

  6. awe4some-I love Sue Spargo's work she is amazing-her books are very pricey though-sigh

  7. Looks like a fun project to spend some slow stitching time on.


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