Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Lizzi is hibernating.....

Changes in my job this year; 
Changes in my husband's work schedule; find my long-arm left in hibernation. 
The changes are all pretty exciting really.
 At work, I love the independence and freedom in my job as a mentor and reading specialist. I certainly do not have to worry about getting my 10,000 steps in each day.  I seem to always be on the go as I flutter between classrooms. Just today I started the morning giving a sixth grade lesson and ended it working with our kinders as they learn to decode and read. It's just so awesome to be a part of their learning process.

At home, the month of March will find hubby and I getting back to working the same Monday through Friday schedule for the first time in F O R E V E R!! Like we are talking so long we can't even remember WHEN we did share the same work schedule in the past ten years. But not anymore!!! We're so excited about the idea of being able to enjoy full weekends together and the opportunities that this will open for us to be more active together. Funny how one change dominoes into so many others. You know, like when the bedsheets get changed, laundry gets done and house gets cleaned...that kind of fun stuff.
With that said, that leaves me again, with not much to share on the ol' quilting blog here. (I'm so sorry) I AM enjoying my hand stitching as I work on my Sue Spargo Forest of Trees BOM. I find myself stitching every night and continuously looking forward to playing with all those creative stitches! Of course, I have plenty of quilts awaiting to be finished, including two for the Carolina Quilt Project. (I haven't forgot Carole....smiles!) But for now, I just wanted to drop in to let ya know...my life's just in transition. A good transition for sure. But one that finds me taking a break from quilting once again. I'm sure once Summer rolls around, Lizzi will be out of hibernation and I'll find myself getting those projects done lickety split! Until then, I promise to drop in to share updates of the grands, our weekend adventures, along with some slow stitching every now and then.


  1. New horizons for you both. So many are returning to hand stitching which I love seeing.

  2. It is so good to hear things are going well. Life changes can be good.

  3. I love to read your updates when they do happen 😘

  4. Sounds like life s GOOD!! And now I have to scold you a little bit. Yes, this is a quilt blog but I personally would have LOVED to see pictures of whatever it is you are stitching. My guess is that many quilters have other crafting hobbies besides just quilting. Anything that is creating and uses color is A OK in my book! We know Lizzi will not always be hibernating so it's ok to explore other things, right? :)

  5. How exciting to have a more coordinating schedule. Quilting can wait until it’s more convenient.

  6. I think it's wonderful that you are experiencing these positive changes! Machine quilting will always be waiting for you, as will your quilty friends. Enjoy, my friend :)

  7. How wonderful for you as a couple to get to spend more time together. Marriage is a wonderful thing!

  8. I can't imagine now having the same schedule as My Guy. Enjoy your new found time together.

  9. Hey, at least show us a pic of Jackson, LOL!! Miss your posts!!


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