Thursday, May 30, 2019

Another Year Older....

...and got to celebrate it a little early when our two favorite little guys visited!
That is our little guy's "CHEESE" smile and big brother's "Smile nice for the camera" grin" as I begged him to "Just do one nice smile for Meme bud." LOL!! I  really didn't want one of his "funny" faces he humorously enjoys flashing in practically every picture taken lately!  Hard to believe he starts kinder in the Fall! Anyhooo.....Celebrating 54 couldn't get any better than this! 


  1. Happy Birthday, looks like you had a great day.

  2. Happy Birthday to you, lovely Val♥ Gosh your boys are growing up.

  3. Doesn't get much better than celebrating with your special guys! Have a wonderful birthday! :)

  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU. Enjoy those smiles.

  5. Oh, my, those little guys are getting big!!!

  6. Happiest of Happy Birthdays, Val!!! Enjoy those grand guys!


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