Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Pandemic Power Sewing...

This afternoon I dumped a basketful of 2 1/2" strips I've had for way too long and started some...

...power chain piecing.

I'm sewing three strips together, then cutting them into 5 1/4" squares.

There's really no rhyme or reason behind what I'm doing except that I plan on sewing them
into a scrappy Crazy Rails quilt pattern. I don't even know what size this quilt will make. LOL!
But I love my scrappy Thirties Repro know I'll love the quilt as well.
And....having an emptied basket of scraps makes this a win win project don't ya think.

 Honestly, it is just the perfect pandemic/summer sewing for me right now. I find myself feeling blah with little motivation to work on anything that requires much concentration. The afternoons are starting to get hot as our temperatures outside are beginning to near 100 degrees.
(Note: I am NOT a summer/heat person!!!)
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So, contently I'll continue my power sewing as I watch old 80's movies and maybe a little toooo much Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles on the cable channels. LOL!
How about you??? Do you find yourself sometimes battling the pandemic/summer blahs?
If so,  please comment and share your "go-to" boredom buster??
With SMILES. Val
hump day


  1. I have been making masks for all of the little people in our family who will be starting. It is 94 outside so inside sewing is pretty perfect. I am knitting hats for winter which keeps me from getting too bored. Hang in there. This too shall pass, eventually.

  2. Not a lot changed in my routine. Retired, traveled very little, still caring for Mom, and I have always grocery shopped a month's supplies. I try to mix serious sewing with pieces of whimsy just so things don't get stale.

  3. My Mom would do this kind of sewing, and she was someone that never had allot of fabrics left over-what she did have she would cut into certain sizes-seperate them by size in boxes and then when she wanted to do a scrappy quilt for charity she would just start sewing stuff together. she was way to organized haha

    1. its been really hot like that here too for most of the month-finally we have loads of rain coming down

  4. Chain piecing is great when you want something you don't have to think too hard about! Your blocks look fun and cheery, I'm hoping it's helping you beat the blahs!

  5. Simple blocks are a great thing to sew when motivation is low! Sometimes I made string blocks or crumb blocks. And then one day you realize you have enough for a while quilt, which is very satisfying! I had a big stack of UFOs ready for quilting that I just finished. They sat for a looong time first, though. But once I got started, I just "flowed" from one to another :)

  6. I have not used the sewing machine since March! I have cut fabric strips for projects to work on... sometime. We have been watching Rawhide, an old TV series from around 1958- onward. And old western movies from the 1930's through 1950's. AND MELTING!

  7. It looks like a nice sewing to do in this pandemic time. I have not been sewing, but knitting. And watched the Australian TV series "A place to call home", if you can see it I recommend it.

  8. I think your blocks are lovely . . . I am a true fan of the thirties flour sack prints that are available these days. They just give me a warm cozy feeling that is perfect for cuddling up with a quilt. This hot weather will pass, sweet friend :)
    Keep Smiling, Connie :)

  9. Sometimes, sewing without a plan feels SEW good. Enjoy, Val!!!

  10. I'm definitely feeling a little blah some days! To try to combat it I'm trying new things; started a vegetable patch, tried making jewelry, bought some macrame supplies to try that, dressmaking and self drafting clothes patterns etc.


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