Saturday, December 26, 2020

A NEW sewing machine!!

Hello my dear blogging friends!!! 
warm wishes
I'm so excited for the new year as I forecast much more sewing in my future!
Yep!  I just upgraded my sewing machine! I patiently waited for the "after Christmas sale
and treated myself . (Hubby was so good to come and be my "carry" guy.)

It's literally been TEN years since I bought  my first "real sewing machine":

...and we bought our daughter her FIRST sewing machine!

I've often been very frustrated with the small arm on my current machine, yet didn't want to give up my comfort level with it. Soooo with a little help and guidance from a dear sewing friend, 
I just simply upgraded my machine:
She's going to come over tomorrow to give me a quick tutorial and I have a new table on order.
I'll spend a good part of this evening just reading the manual and playing.
But! I am soooo excited! 
I honestly don't know why I waited so long to do this. I can only imagine how much easier it's going to be so sew borders and bindings onto my quilts with this 10" arm.! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to I look forward to sewing in 2021 with this new "toy" .
With Smiles!


  1. Congratulations!! My daughter upgraded her machine after 20 yrs - yeah, her first machine is now her daugher's first machine (still humming). She kicked herself for waiting.

  2. Val- you have my machine! Well, you have the newer version. I love mine! She is a workhorse and I love the auto cutter as well as the large throat space. I also like the needle down button that lifts up the presser foot for doing applique and even pivoting. I hope you can get good instructions on using her. I took classes and made lots of things that helped me use the different stitches and functions on her when I first got her. I find that my girl really likes aurifil thread the best and mettler as well. Have fun! K-

  3. Whoo hoo. Congrats on your new machine. I hope you've been having fun with it.


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