Tuesday, October 15, 2013

It's been a great week!

I'm giving a big Whoop Whoop with all of you linked up with Sarah at confessionsofafabricaddict
because  after a week of  me cleaning, doing dishes, laundry, meals and yes, 
emptying the diaper genie...my daughter is back on her feet
and ready to get going again. (So proud of her!) Now I head home with
a new title added to my name: Grandma!
I'll miss my mornings filled with those Grandma cuddles and feedings. 
Our afternoons filled with silly, okay punchy moments. 
Along with getting errands done and prescriptions filled....
(okay...so my prescription just happen to come from the wine isle!)
I now head home leaving these three off to a great start!
These two "Got This" and we all so very proud of them.
They are natural parents and it has truly been my
privilege to be a part of their first week as a new family!

I look forward to the many more memories that will be made 
and all the spoiling that will be had.
With lots of love and Grandma Smiles!


  1. Hey, I recognize that particular elixir! ;) My guess is that you won't miss diaper detail but the Grandma cuddles will be a different matter all together!

  2. Glad to know I'm in good company Jes!!

  3. I love the newborn photo with the parents.

  4. Had to laugh at the picture of you all bundled up holding the nearly naked baby in your arms. He must have been freezing. Ha! Victoria

  5. LOL!! Oh how funny that does look! So me! I never noticed that Victoria. Anyone who knows me, knows I'm always cold! One would think the poor little guys was freezing but he was toasty warm cuddled against grandmas flannel jammies.

  6. Dropping by from Whoop Whoop - what a fab post, I've got tears in my eyes - congrats to you all :D

  7. Oh my eyes filled with tears when i saw this post! It was such a good weekend and one that we will cherish FOREVER! Thank you for all of your help mom! LOVE YOU TON! <3

  8. Here from Whoop! Whoop! Congrats to you...Grandma! So happy for your new addition.


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