Friday, October 18, 2013

Classroom "Monster" Quilt

Welcome to our "Monster Classroom."  
My classroom theme is: We are Learning Monsters. (The kids love it!) 
This is where I spend my 8am to 4pm everyday as a 2nd Grade teacher.
This is the quilt I made for my class last year. If you look closely you will see the  fabric is full of googly eyes, polka dots and little critters!  
My students LOVE this quilt!
2012 Classroom Quilt
Especially because it has a soft, purple flannel back! (I decided  not to fight the shadow effect and went for artist expression...LOL!!!)
The next picture shows where they put the quilt as soon as it is free reading time. I tell you, teaching second grade is witnessing children at their "realness". For, never once  has anyone ever taken the quilt as their "own". Yet, I will turn around and see it spread out like this with five little seven year olds huddled upon it! It's sooooo cute and  the sight of it always makes me want to make them more quits!
So there ya go. I'm a teacher by day and a quilter by weekend and summer. 
But! I'm always planning the next quilt or two and truly love how quilting warms the lives of so many!!! 
With smiles!

PS: Help Needed!

This is my third year returning to the classroom after being in a leadership position. My last two posts have highlighted the quilts I've made for my classes over the past two years. 
Now, I'm looking for ideas for this year's classroom quilt. 
Please feel free to comment and share any pattern and/or fabric ideas. 
I'm in need of inspiration!
Thanks a ton ahead of time. 

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  1. I love that you bring it into the classroom! It's so fun and bright that I'm not surprised it's so popular with your kids. What about an animal quilt for science or a geography quilt?

  2. love your quilt , i am following your blog now from find a friend friday

  3. I love doing class quilts for my kids' classes. Only they end up auctioning them off at the school fundraiser.

    Check out my blog for a couple ideas:

  4. this is a really cute one, Val! how about a Dr. Seuss quilt?

    Thanks so much for linking up with Needle and Thread Thursday!

    :) Kelly @ My Quilt Infatuation

  5. So much wonderful color and warmth you are giving your classroom and priceless comfort and an appreciation for handmade and reading with the quilt...lucky 2nd graders to have you for their teacher.

    I am visiting from Quilters where I submitted my blog to be a part of this 'Quilters List of All Lists'.  While I'm waiting to be included, I'm visiting and introducting myself.   I owned a 'Brick and Mortar' quilt shop from 1996 through 2005, and now I've joined the online Quilt World with A Quilt Store and More ETSY Shop. My 'Niche' in the ever growing and competitive online fabric shopping world is my 'Inventory and Stash' from the years of buying and selling quality quilt fabrics from top designers and manufacturers. I'd love for you to visit me at CollectInTexas BlogShop which is linked to my ETSY Shop.  Today I am featuring a QUILTMAKER magazine pattern and choosing just the right Fabrics to make a Crib Quilt.  Just click on the signature link below...hope to see you there.  Your comments are 'Sew' Welcomed!

    Sue CollectInTexas BlogShop

  6. 2nd graders are awesome. I have spent my week as the nurse at the middle school, each stage has its own beauty and pitfalls. Gotta love 'em! I know you do!

  7. I agree with Kelly.. Dr Seuss quilt, there are so many prints out now. I have recently found wall decals w/Dr Seuss sayings(amazon). A nice combo for a classroom.

  8. Dr. Seuss...of course! Can't tell ya how many times I look at the fabric line in the magazines! Talk about not seeing the forest through the trees. Thanks guys...I love that idea!

  9. I love the fact the quilt has the same colours and same sense of bright fun as the classroom.

  10. I volunteer in a 4th grade classroom. Each year I make a quilt for their use and on the last day of school all the kids' names go into a raffle and it goes home with the winner.

  11. Valerie I love visiting your classroom. You add so much to it with the vivid and imaginative quilts! Love your large pinwheel quilt with all the novelty with critters and such fabrics that intrigues a child. Wonderful!!

  12. What a lovey idea for your class. Making it such a special place for the, to sit and read.

  13. Thanks for all the support...I love the Dr. Seuss theme. I love the idea of using fabric pens for my students to create their own block andddd a geography or science quilt would be fun! Thanks for all the great ideas!

  14. Why not have your kids "help" you? They could do drawings that you could transfer onto your quilt. I think that would be so cute!

  15. That is a great quilt, I can't wait to see this years!

  16. Such a fun thing for the kids.

  17. Your classroom quilts are so great Val!
    I just had an idea pop into my head. I once made a giant knit mitten and stuffed it with animals from the book "The Mitten" The first grade and kindergarten teachers had me do a reading with it for every class every year. The kids always loved it. I was trying to figure out if there is a way to gear that up to another book (or books) for second graders. A book themed quilt would be very cool!


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