Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Sunday Organizing: Clipboards

I use clipboards to keep patterns I'm using, orders, 
and lists in site but up off the counter:
I simply hot-glued the clipboards to the brick wall but you could also use
two-sided foam tape to put them up on any wall.
These are handy right under my window, above my work area: 
Hope I inspired a new way for ya to keep patterns in use and needed papers handy.
Sorry for the short post...our grand baby is on his way...
so we are on the road to our daughter and son-in-laws. 
Luckily I have this quilted with a cute sock monkey pattern:

and the binding ready to been sewn down.
(I'll post it finished with our new little guy wrapped up in it next week.)
 I'm thinking this along with my Hexi's, I have more than
enough to keep me busy during the drive and hospital waiting.
I can't wait!!!
With smiles,


Willit Neverend said...

How exciting. Congratulations!

And what a great tip. I am in the process of really getting in there and clearing out my craft room, and was wondering what to do with these types of things that I want in view, but not cluttering the place up. This will definitely help. Thanks.

Val Spiers said...

Very exciting baby news. Congratulations .

The clip boards look very neat. I have been using a pin board quite successfully. I do tend to cover things up though.

Valerie Reynolds said...

Thanks guys!We are truly enjoying our first days of grandparenthood!

Sarah Craig said...

Congratulations on that new grand baby! And thanks for the idea of using clipboards - I just need to get me some! Great idea!!

MegsAnn said...

Hmmm. Interesting alternative to a cork board. Good to have options!

Jackie said...

Using a clipboard is a good idea. Might have to give it some consideration.

Jackie said...

Using a clipboard is a good idea. Might have to give it some consideration.

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