Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Tuesday Archives #27: FMQ & Funniest Quilt Made!

Welcome to the linky party that let's you rejuvenate your old quilting/sewing posts! 
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Val's Quilting Studio
This week is all about skimming through those archives and finding quilts 
that showcase your Free Motion Quilting  & your Funniest Quilt made! Heck, feel free to make a new post about this one if ya want!  


I am always to very inspired by the FMQ work of  Hilary Florence. Everytime I stop by her blog I'm amazed! If you've never stopped by Hilary's blog and are learning to FMQ...give it a peek. She just makes me want to "play"with FMQ more!


I don't really have a funny quilt, but I did have so much fun making this Tulip Quilt for my mom's guest bedroom a few years back (pre-blogging). It's all the memories made while making this quilt that makes it so fun! For example, I found a wine fabric and my mom and I knew it had to be made into a tulip!  (It's on the lower right corner of the quilt facing ya! LOL!!) She even found a dog fabric and added it into the bundle. This pattern is from Kim Schaefer's Flower Festival Book.This is my version of her Tulip Lap quilt. (Hey...go big or go home...mine's a queen size...that's 56 tulips!)
 What also makes this a "fun" quilt is all the memories of  my correspondences with my mom who lives in Arizona. We'd get on the phone and I'd make her measure and remeasure. I'd mail her sketches and request "exact" measurements. I'd ask question like: "are you going to use pillow shams or do you want the quilt to cover the pillows?" One winter I was even able to fly down to Arizona and spent a long "girl" weekend with her. We had fun laying all the tulips I had made out on her bed and were able to confirm our measurements and plan our final size:
 I remember having so much fun making my little applique tulips and constantly picking out new fabrics for the flowers. I was always on the hunt for varieties of green and cream/tan toned fabrics. I am grateful I decided to machine sew these.


  1. must check out the quilting lady wow such quilting, still learning how to quilt myself. No old quilts to share with you as I have only recently got hooked having done embroidery prior to quilting. Your tulip quilt is delightful

  2. Wow that free motion quilting is fantastic

  3. Mine is not really a funny quilt but I find it funny what the Aussies on deployment request. I hope these quilts put smiles on May people's faces

  4. Your tulip quilt is more than just a quilt Val, with all those lovely memories! It looks great in your Mom's room too!


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