Thursday, August 4, 2016

Hello Again!!! our "staycation" begins to come to an's fun to share that this has been my sewing view for the past twelve days:

Yes, hubby and I snuck off to the mountains for our own little retreat from the world. The cabin we stay at it is perfect and remote enough that our cell service is sporadic at best.  The tendency to check our "mail" and "cruise the internet" disappeared within a few days as we found ourselves settling into being "unplugged". We enjoyed morning coffee and walks without it. We relaxed. Which meant I got to sew! Here's a peek at an upcoming finish that I worked on while away:

Our days were filled with wonderful day hikes:
The people in our hiking club are such great people! We really enjoyed our adventures together.

Mimosa's anyone?? Hey what's a vacation without good food and drink??

We also had fun painting pottery one afternoon...

...and me finding new projects. (This one will be a great stash buster and I think it would look cute hung in my second grade classroom once it's ever finished!)

Of course, afternoon naps were always part of the routine!'s good to be back! I missed home. But, I do have to admit, that the rejuvenation found in getting away and taking a break is priceless. It's refreshing and allows me to gain a new perspective on our life's journey. How about you? I'm curious, are you too, the personality type that sometimes need to "reset"?? And if not, please do share your secret? Thanks for stopping by! I'm off to catch up on everything all of you have been up to over the past couple of weeks.
Next week's August 9th theme is: Giraffes
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  1. I need a reset and I don't really work anymore, just caring for the grand kids. I think unplugging, and even a day trip away from home helps clear your mind.

  2. Looks like you had a great time - so nice you could unplug. That looks like a Buggy Barn pattern!? Jackson is so sweet..... looks like he had a nice rest too.

    1. It is the Buggy Barn Heart fun and EASY sewing!

  3. Yes, I noticed the Buggy Barn and cute new project. I don't get away, but I do have a time period where I 'unplug' - it all get's turned off.

  4. Ha ha, I think I've been "resetting" all summer, even though my life is far from stressful. Your cabin time looks delightful--and I love the picture of Jackson with his nap quilt.

  5. We all need some rejuvenation time - short of a "time out". Glad you had a good time.

  6. Sometimes I need a reset, but amazingly, it's usually through quilting! I had a very busy and drama-filled day with the grands the other day, and all I wanted to do when they left was sit down at my sewing machine, listen to a little Outlander, and sew! Ten minutes, and I was cool, calm, collected, and back on an even keel....

  7. Oh what fun, your retreat looks like heaven. Too precious, Jackson napping in his quilt!!

  8. The place you stayed looks wonderful. Love the views and the trees. Quite different to anything here. Unplugging is very refreshing!

  9. Hi Val!
    The time must have just flown by! Looks like a great place ...very creative and in the mountains!
    take care,

  10. Glad you were able to hit the reset button. Looks like you had a great time.

  11. It sounds like a perfect getaway. And yes, a mimosa please :)


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