Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Tuesday Archives #127: Knitting

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Val's Quilting Studio

This week's theme is: KNITTING!

With the beginning of the school year upon me, today's post writing reminded me of a "get to know ya game" we played as a staff: Popcorn! Write down two things about you that nobody knows on a small piece of paper. When ready, we crumble our paper up and throw them at each other until the we are told to stop. At which time, we each pick up one paper to read out-loud, awaiting for someone to guess the person. In retrospect, I wish I had written down: 1. I wear slippers made by my mom  EVERY night to bed, no matter the season. 2. I've climbed the hundreds of steps in both the Eiffel Tower and Statue of Liberty. (Pictures of those pre-digital) Darn! or maybe not, as who knows what kind of wild hairdo would be revealed! LOL!
You know I don't knit. Even during my mom's summer visit I had her teach me again...but by the time I was on  maybe the third row of a dishcloth I found myself missing my stitching and decided then and there to leave the knitting to my mom. (Love ya mom!) With that said, I appreciate and value all the beautiful things knitted and will share the link to all my mom's knitted creations. And, thanks for sharing your knitted works of heart with us here today.

Val's Quilting Studio


  1. I don't knit either, but do admire the work.

  2. LOL....it's always nice for mom to have something to do!! ;-)

  3. My Granda always knitted slippers from that exact pattern (the brown slippers) and I have never seen them or the patten anywhere else. I still have a pair tucked away in my drawer, just can't get rid of them even though they have a hole. Aw the memories.

  4. I once knit a large afghan when we were moving and didn't have access to my sewing machines for several weeks. It was done in peach and blue, and now graces my MIL's sofa as it goes with her colors. I haven't done any knitting in years, although I have at least a dozen sets of needles in various sizes along with many skeins of yarn!


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