Friday, June 9, 2017

Beautiful, Colorful Butterflies Finish

 What better way to start summer than with a colorful picnic quilt!

With it's bright, colorful. squares and rich purple binding, 
along with a pantograph of quilted "colorful, beautiful flowers"
this little 48"x 56" quilt is ready for some summer fun!

Seriously, have you ever finished a quilt you just can't wait to start using?
This is one of those quilts for me. I just love everything about it... much it's already in the wash and will then become my permanent car quilt. 
We're ready for whatever summer adventures lie ahead and my summer checklist is started: 
Summer Checklist! Are you ready? By Blond-Amsterdam
I hope you'll stop by often and follow my summer doings.

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  1. That is definitely a summer quilt! Picnics, star gazing, fireworks watching, even a snooze in the shade. You're all set.

  2. I have a few quilts that get used all the time. It's great that we use our own works of art instead of gifting them all. Enjoy it...

  3. That is really nice. Enjoy it.

  4. Such a beautiful, rainbow-filled quilt, Val. May you enjoy many a Summer's Day sitting on it, enjoying a picnic, or indeed a glass of wine. =)

  5. what a lovely quilt for picnics etc and please don`t but if you break down on a chilly evening it will keep you warm in the car

  6. Jackson looks like he is saying "is this another quilt for me, Mom?" Welcome summer vacation!!

  7. Fun and colorful quilt!! pretty roses too.

  8. LOVE love LOVE this quilt! It's so playful and perfect for summer. And your summer checklist is so cute, those are some good goals.

  9. Love your quilt, it is perfect for summer. Enjoy your picnics and your quilting.

  10. Just a fabulous summer quilt. Hope you have a most joyful summer!

  11. What a terrific summertime quilt - so colorful and it looks like it received a "bark of approval", too. That is a great Summer Check List - we're hoping the rains, wind and cool weather finish passing through so we can enjoy a warm summer.

  12. What a darling summer quilt. I love quilts for the seasons.

  13. So colorful and cheerful. Another beautiful quilt :)

  14. Such a colourful, bright quilt. It hope it makes it out of the car and enjoys a picnic or two. Thanks for linking up with TGIFF.


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