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Tuesday Archives #181: Marking Tools

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This week's theme is: Marking Tools
LOL! Oh I love when I'm late to my own party! Especially, when I'm really looking forward to this week's linky theme. Seriously, I've YET to find a marking tool that I like. 
I've used pencils, pens and even chalk...but no favorite yet. 
Lea Anne who blogs at Poduck Pretties wrote a helpful post  last week that highlighted markers AND included a detailed variety of ways to get rid of a stubborn stain left behind! Arg! I think I would cry.

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  1. I'm about as old school as they get, plain cheap dressmakers chalk or a hb pencil (for marking the stitching line for HST where it won't be seen) is all I've ever used in 30yrs of sewing 😱😵🤔

  2. I often use pencils to mark, but I recently have started using a Frixon 0.7 tip. I marked up an entire quilt top with the Frixon pen to cross hatch quilt it. When I was done, I ran and iron over and al the ink disappeared!

  3. Blue painters tape! Coincidentally, I have a blog post discussing this coming on Thursday morning!

  4. Ah, I need to do more marking, but I haven't found a favorite way yet.

  5. I love the Clover Chacoliners. They mark with a fine line, the chalk brushes off and you can buy refill tubes. Use a light hand with the yellow or the blue though if you are marking something you are not going to wash like a wall hanging.

  6. I also love the Clover Chacoliners, though I trouble with them if the quilt is not all the same color/value. I use the blue water soluable pens the most (I like Clover's) and have not had the issues as in the other post. I keep a water bottle in my sewing room and spray the quilt heavily with water once I no longer need the markings.

  7. Hi Val i love using the frixion pen and the marks iron away ,i have tried many different ones and find this one suits me the best,i am also your newest follower,hope you will visit me also xx

  8. Since I don't do my own quilting, I don't usually have to mark anything other than the lines for making HSTs. I either use a pencil for that or a white pencil for really dark fabrics.

  9. I just ordered some iron-away markers. I know the lines come back when if it gets cold, but it said if you wash the quilt it won't come back. We'll see...


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