Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Pajama Days, Legos, and Learning to Sew...

Someone jumped in the truck with his Meme and Poppi to enjoy a few days of
"Grammy Camp" after our visit for brother's first birthday:

Unfortunately, he came down with a high fever and strep throat by Monday. After a visit to the doctor, we spent the rest of our visit cozy and quiet in our PJ's. His days were restfully spent watching cartoons with Jackson by his side, building Legos with his Poppi at night along with Chicken soup for dinner to warm his little tummy. 

After a few days, he and his Poppi had a whole Mindcraft Village of Legos built:

He and I had watched our share of cartoons:
And soon, hot chocolate with magic sprinkles brought a smile to his face as he got to feeling better:
Followed with an out of the blue request asking me: "Meme will you teach me how to sew?" 
WILL I! So we got our butts off the couch...
 First, I had him pick out some fabric (He choose Spiderman) and I put it in a hoop:
 Next, I had him pick out his thread (perle cotton, with a big needle work best with a five year old.)

He picked out red, white and blue and asked me how to make "spider webs".
So I proceeded to show him how to pull the needle from the front...

...and then how to pull it to the back. 

Finally, we concentrated on making small stitches:

My Ol' Grammy heart beamed when he exclaimed: "Meme this is fun!" Then, without any prompting, he started to carefully trim the edges and proudly said it was for me!
Yes! My Grammy heart if full.
Until I find a future quilt to incorporate it into, I'm planning on putting it into a little wooden hoop and hanging it in my sewing studio in memory of this very precious request. 


  1. What a handsome lad! Too bad he was ill, but I am sure grammy gave lots of comfort. I love it when my grands want to sew with me on a visit - they prefer the handwork to the machine.

  2. So cute, but he could have kept his strep to himself, LOL, so sorry you were sick, too! Hope you are doing well today.

  3. Aww, precious memories in the making right there.

  4. Oh, how sweet!! That is one precious gift, Val! He did a great job making nice even stitches, too :)

  5. How awesome is that!! Love what he did and it will be a great reminder that he asked you to teach him how to sew!!!

  6. So fantastic that he wants to sew!! And how great that he gave it to you! My son has been sitting on my lap at the sewing machine, making a quilt from the I Spys from your swap that he chose himself. Sometimes he likes to get on the floor and watch my foot step on the pedal, but mostly he helps. I haven't tried hand sewing yet buy your Grand Guy makes me think mine could do it. I like the idea of the stitches being Spiderman's web, he'd like that. Thanks for the inspiration! I'm so glad you had some great time with your Grand Guy!

  7. What a perfect place to recuperate from strep throat--lots of loving attention and sewing lessons to boot!

  8. Sorry he got off to such a rough start with strep throat. But he looks like he shook it off to have lots of fun.

  9. Oh what fun! Sick or not, grandchildren are the brightness in our world. Looks like he had a great time sewing too!


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