Sunday, November 25, 2018

Winter Stitching

With Winter on our doorsteps and evenings starting earlier and earlier, I spent this morning inventorying my many hand stitching projects that are a WIP and those I'd like to finish by years end. For evening stitching, first up is to put the finishes stitches on my Anne Downs BOM:
This one has been so much fun to work on this past year. I'm admittedly beginning to look forward  to have it finished and hanging in our home.

Next up, is my Sunny Side of the Street wool applique:
I love the combination of cotton and wool. I want to finish getting the birdies and flowers stitched on and the patchy grass lawns sewn so this one is done and ready for some whimsical quilting over my upcoming Winter Break at the end of December.

And finally, some fireside binding on my Snowman Jelly Roll Finish:
Thank you for your patience with my slow blogging this Fall. I have truly enjoyed this time of transition as I took on a new position at work and found myself enjoying the process of change in my work life. Yet, now that I'm settled into some routines, I'm grateful to find my stitching as a peaceful comfort at the days end. Linking up and sharing with everyone else at Kathy's Quilts.
PS: Enjoying a good Holiday read too. (Thanks Mom!)


  1. Val, your applique projects are delightful! And your mother is a very wise woman. I know that overwhelming feeling when your WIP list is longer than the grocery store receipt AND you've got work and family responsibilities AND you're trying to keep up with the blog so your readers don't all desert you... That's when it's time to remember that we started doing these hobbies for FUN, and if it ain't fun anymore, we're doing it wrong! :-) I hope your new role at school is suiting you. I'm sure you miss your second graders, but those new teachers are so very lucky to benefit from the wealth of your experience as their mentor.

  2. Looks like you are all set for some cozy winter evenings. I checked out your jelly roll quilt - I have a couple of jelly rolls that need something to do - maybe I'll give that a whirl.

  3. Gosh those blocks are so darling! Looking forward to seeing them all put together into finished pieces. Quilt at your own pace, and we'll be here to cheer you along :)

  4. Both of your works in progress are totally adorable! Glad to hear you are finding time to stitch and are happy with your new job.

  5. What great applique projects, both are beautiful! I've read that book and enjoyed it a lot.

  6. Gorgeous blocks! Jackson looks like he likes them too! LOL

  7. What a fun variety of blocks you have created! I hope you are enjoying your new job position, and especially good to see you still turning to quilting for Me Time! Happy Holidays for you!

  8. You've got some great hand stitching projects almost finished. Hope you can curl up under a quilt and get these finished off during our "cool" spell.

  9. Slow stitching is fabulous for the soul isn't it! I've been knitting by the fire lately too.


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