Wednesday, June 19, 2013

My first post!

So...what do I do? Well, I LOVE quilting, applique and am a NEW Long-Arm Quilter! I spend hours reading and following others blogs that I thought it was time I join in!! So here I go:

The following quilts are products of me playing  (practicing) my free motion quilting.  I just dropped these off In Boise for the local Project Linus Chapter there. This one is called: Home is Where the Heart is! (As stitched on the 7th row from the top!)

This one is called:
Play Ball!! Won't some little guy just love receiving this one!
This one is called: Live Laugh stitched in all the large green rows!
This one is made of Project Linus material and will be hung at an upcoming quilt show to be held in Kuna, Idaho at the Project Linus booth in August! 

Two more fun ones! (Just playing/practicing  as I learn to master my long-arm machine.)

This one was fun and came out so whimsical! One of my favorites!!

I know I have a lot to learn...but each quilt is truly a work of heart. Being part of Project Linus is pretty rewarding. Many hands make for light work and it feels to good to know all the children we will make smile!

Well, I DID it: my first blogging post is done! As the saying goes: our greatest journeys start with one step! I'm about to push that "post" button and it will fun to watch how this journey evolves. I look forward to the friends that await and the destinations that will be achieved! 
Welcome to my Quilting Studio!

With lots of smiles!


  1. Wow it is great to look back to where your journey began!

  2. I love rereading these 'old' posts time and again it's hard to believe the journey goes so fast!

  3. At least you knew how to download pictures! I'm so glad that you're part of the blogging family.

  4. Nice pictures a year ago, Val, and what a collection of finished quilts you had to show. I think your blogging style has evolved over the past year!

  5. Love your first post and I am glad I got read it even if I am a year late! Cheers!

  6. Love your first post and all the posts thereafter!!

  7. I bet your fmq is even better now!!

  8. What an awesome first post with great pictures. I have been thinking about making more strip quilts like this. Stashbusting for a great purpose.


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