Saturday, June 22, 2013

Weekend Projects

Along with regular weekend chores of mowing the lawn, laundry, and house cleaning,
I also plan to finish these:

 Just last summer I taught our youngest daughter (who's in college) how to make Hexi's. We choose these    1 1/2" Hexagons. I get my hexagon pre-cut paper shapes from: They offer a large variety of paper piecing packets and their customer service is awesome!!!! My daughter picked out a very cool, modern fabric line called: Heirloom by Joel Dewberry.  I'm only four hexagons away from being done! (Then on to sewing them together to make the quilt top). I'll post a picture of them on my design wall by end of weekend.'s something to keep the little ones busy while you sew. 
My second graders LOVED making popsicle stick boxes.  

                                            We also made "microwave smores" for snack. 
(You only need to cook the smores for about 7-10 seconds...
until the marshmallow starts to "puff up" as the kids say).
Have fun!

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