Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving Part Two

Health, family and friends all fill my days with enormous blessings.
Just dropping in to wish all of you in the states the best today.
I got in a little stitching this morning as we watched the beginning of the Macy's Parade. Our girls are home and our holiday is being spent enjoying time as a family.
Those may  be Bloody Marys near by....
I also got in some Grandma time with our new little guy.
  The house is filled with the aroma of holiday cooking 
and I can't wait to fill my platter full of holiday yum.
Happy Thanksgiving.
With smiles!


  1. Ah what a cute baby....We got to see one of my great nieces today she is 3 months old

  2. Oh you lucky dog! Love spending time with grandchildren! We see ours Saturday! Enjoy... Ps... Love the stitching! Beautiful...

  3. Hi Val, just stopped by to check in on what you are up to. See you made a grandbaby.
    LeeAnna Paylor

  4. Love the applique and that sweet little guy. Enjoy it all!

  5. Just followed your blog! PLEASE come follow us back. Thanks.

    Anna and Sarah


I have to admit, your comments make me smile! Thanks for sharing and for letting me know you stopped by. I Hope your day is awesome!


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