Saturday, December 14, 2013

Christmas Give-Away

I have one more blogging friend shout out to share:
Stop by Kathy in the Ozarks Blog to meet some very talented ladies and enter for a chance to win this basket of homemade goodness! It's amazing!!! 
(Kath, put me on your list to add a Glass Hexi Template next year!)
Kathy and I  "met" during Michelle's  Blog Hop of Give-Aways.
I love following Kathy's daily adventures in the Ozarks and am currently a little envious of the holiday baking she has got done. She also offers a large variety of homemade soaps.  I plan to check out her Etsy shop with my youngest daughter when she gets home from college for the holidays, as we both love quality homemade soaps. I can't wait!

I share this shout out because lately I've been reflecting on why I blog.  My number one reason: This and my previous post are an example of  my answer. I love living in a rural area, but missed having friends who share a common interest.  I set out to develop a "virtual" quilting guild for myself through blogging.  (And it's happening!!!) As we get to know each other,  we've become each others cheerleaders as quilters, crafters, and yes, bloggers, and I love it!. (So don't let my ramblings distract you from Kathy's give-away.)
My number two reason: I'm more motivated to get projects completed, knowing I can share them with you.  I  find inspiration from your work and your blogs. I value your support and input.  So really, today I smile as I get to thank  you , all my followers! Without you, it would just be me and my keyboard....and well, that's not really anything to smile about is it! HAHAHA!
Hope your weekend is going well.


  1. Awe girl you are too sweet! Funny thing is -- I think you took the thoughts right from my mind. I could never put them as beautifully as you did though. It's awesome to read your upbeat and inspiring posts each week. Thanks for all you do... Hugs, Karen

    1. Karen, thank you for this comment. We never quite know our "voice" and this comment helps me in finding mine. :)

  2. These are pretty much the same reasons I started blogging. I know very few people in my area (approximately none) with the same interests as me, so it has been great to 'meet' like minded folks. Originally I began blogging to share my crafty efforts with my sister (who is like-minded but lives in a different state to me), so that we could encourage each other to keep up our creative sides, but it has been an added bonus that I have gotten to make new friends.

    Here's to blogging friends!

  3. thank you for the share Val, and you put into words exactly why I got into blogging about 8 years ago now I think it is-we moved upon retirement to here in the woods and so we really don't know anyone still-we enjoy staying home right here in our woods so it really helps me allot to blog and learn from friends all over the world.
    Happy Sunday

  4. I'd have to say that wasn't my reason to start blogging but it has become the best thing about blogging! I love being inspired by, learning from and just sharing with quilters all over the world. So much fun!


I have to admit, your comments make me smile! Thanks for sharing and for letting me know you stopped by. I Hope your day is awesome!


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