Friday, July 17, 2015

LOOK what my Piggy Bank Savings bought me!

Oh my!! 
A penny saved is a penny earned!!
I couldn't wait for my roadtrip to splurge as my piggy bank savings was just burning a hole in my pocket and I found sales on-line too good to resist! 
Glad you stopped by!
First up: Buggy Barn Books and Fabric! 
I like their patterns as many of them are fat quarter friendly (and well, most my stash is...fat quarters) and they are just so darn fun to make!  I also LOVE their fabric! It's manufactuored by Henry Glass and I stocked up on some half yards for a future applique project I'll be creating. If  you are a Buggy Barn fan you know they went out of business. But wait! One of the sisters opened this on-line site:
Barn Chick Quilts and that's where I shopped.

Next, I shopped at as they had all their novelty Christmas fabric on sale for 20% off so it was the perfect opportunity for me to get yardage for the  Kate Spain Christmas Swap.
These are from Kate Spain's Jinge Rejoice line.
Hey! How did these end up in my cart?? 
I can never resist polka-dots when they are on sale,
They make my stash happy!

So: $144.20 bought me 10 1/2 yards of yummy fabric and four pattern books!
See why I'm so happy!! Not bad for a year's worth of  collecting extra change.
(Oh and I have .36 cents to put back in the piggy for this year's challenge!)

Speaking of challenge...

There's still time for you to join our Third Annual Challenge!

Just click over to here and check things out. Link your post or comment to say: count me in!

Click the picture to read more!

The linky stays open until August 1st. So if you've been sitting on the fence to join, you still have time! And a BIG thanks to all of you who have linked up so far for this year's challenge and who have added the challenge button to your blogs/posts. You guys are the best!


  1. Great stuff - love the Kate spain christmas fabric!

  2. You sure know how to stretch the savings Val! I did not know Buggy Barn went out of business, so thanks for the link to the sister's shop!

  3. Hi Val!
    Great addition to your stash!
    Looking forward to see what you make for Christmas!
    Yes, it sneeks up on us all the time!
    Take care,

  4. Score! And you even have 36 cents left over. Fun, fun. I cleaned out my coin purse to get things started for this year. :)

  5. some lovely quilty buys here. Interested that you buy fat quarters I tend to avoid them and have half metres instead or if I really love a fabric a metre. Love dottys too

  6. Happy shopping. Well done

  7. Good Going! It really adds up fast!, but I'm still keeping mine tucked here and there, and there, and th.......L

  8. I'm hoping to do that well next july. I put the Challenge button on my blog and posted about it yesterday. Hope that helps bring a few to the challenge. It's on my facebook page as well. I want to keep this in the forefront of my mind so I won't forget to empty my pockets each day. Following most of the ladies will help too and a learning factor as well. A win-win situation. I'm so glad you started this challenge. Thank you.

  9. You made some really fun purchases with your savings.

  10. That fabric from Barn Chick Quilts made me swoon!!! I love plaids and am collecting them whenever I can find them as I'd like to make a plaid quilt one of these days. As soon as I've posted this, I'm going to check out their website ... no waiting until I've filled my "piggy bank"! ha!

  11. Very nice goodies you got for yourself.

  12. $144.20 is great for a years worth saving. I love fabric. com too and your Christmas fabrics are lovely. Got sidetracked along the way but managed to drop $7.50 in the bank that I won at a arts and crafts festival and I will keep it going. Thank you enjoyed the fun.


I have to admit, your comments make me smile! Thanks for sharing and for letting me know you stopped by. I Hope your day is awesome!


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